Drone wreckage found in Romania again after another Russian attack on Ukraine

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A crater formed at the crash site

Drone wreckage was found in Romania again after a nighttime Russian attack on Ukraine's port infrastructure. The UAV fragments were found around 5 a.m. 3 km west of the city of Plaura.

A crater was found at the crash site. The drone could have fallen and exploded. This was reported by the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

"Measures have been taken to ensure the security of the area, and the competent authorities have been notified of the need to collect evidence and conduct investigations in accordance with the procedures," the statement said.

Drone wreckage found in Romania again after another Russian attack on Ukraine

The ministry said it "strongly condemns the attacks carried out by Russia on civilian infrastructure in Ukrainian ports on the Danube."

These attacks are unjustified and seriously contradict the norms of international humanitarian law, the Romanian Defense Ministry emphasized.

Just yesterday, Romanian Defense Minister Angel Tilvar said that Russian drones fell on their territory in September "by accident." According to him, the UAVs were hit by Ukrainian air defense and "experienced uncontrolled movement," which allegedly led to "accidental penetration" into Romanian territory.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- After the incidents with the fall of fragments of Russian drones that attacked the ports of Izmail and Reni in the Odesa region, Romania decided to move its air defense systems closer to the border with Ukraine. It is also increasing the number of military observation posts and patrols.

- The Romanian Foreign Ministry acknowledged that the war in Ukraine has affected their country after several cases of UAV debris falling.

- NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg explained the Alliance's lack of reaction to the incidents in Romania by saying that they "see no signs that it was a deliberate attack."

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