A Ukrainian man who claimed that a bag with a million euros was stolen from him was taken into custody in Poland: what is the reason

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Detention of a Ukrainian in Poland
Detention of a Ukrainian in Poland

A 58-year-old citizen of Ukraine was arrested in Poland for giving false testimony. In April of this year, he claimed that a bag with 4 million zlotys (about a million euros) was stolen from him in the center of Warsaw.

The man claimed that the entire stolen amount belonged to him, allegedly from the sale of real estate and savings. However, it turned out that this was not the case, RMF24 reports.

Arrest of Ukrainian by Polish law enforcement officers

The robbery really happened. The Ukrainian was attacked by two men (they have not yet been identified) when the victim was entering an apartment building on Koshikova Street in Warsaw.

The perpetrators pushed the man to the ground, severely beat him, and took his bag of cash. Before the incident, the Ukrainian had just visited a currency exchange office to buy Polish zlotys for foreign currency.

Ukrainian in the exchange office before the robbery

The victim claimed that all the money belonged to him during interrogations. Law enforcement officers found out that this was a lie.

The court ordered the 58-year-old man to be arrested so that he would not interfere with the investigation.

Koshikova Street on the map of Warsaw.

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