"This is a very primitive idea": Zelenskyy criticizes Trump's "peace plan"

Zelenskyy commented on Trump's "peace plan," as reported by The Washington Post

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has criticized former US President Donald Trump's "peace plan" to end the war with Russia. This plan, according to sources, involves territorial concessions by Ukraine to Russia.

Zelenskyy called Trump's "plan" very primitive. The head of state said this in an interview with the German newspaper Bild.

"If we are talking about simply giving up our territories, and if this is an idea, then the idea is very primitive. I think if Trump has his approach to ending the war quickly, then I would be happy to listen to that idea. But we need strong arguments," he emphasized.

Zelenskyy added that Ukraine does not need a fantastic idea, but a real one, because we are talking about human lives, so we cannot joke and take risks.

The president made it clear that he does not want to negotiate with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and is not going to give up Ukrainian territories to Russia. He explains that the head of the Russian Federation cannot be trusted, as he has said one thing and then acted differently.

Zelenskyy also commented on the possibility of Trump's visit to Ukraine – the American politician has been invited here both publicly and privately. "We have expressed a desire for Donald Trump to come to Ukraine so that he can see the situation with his own eyes and draw certain conclusions. I am ready to meet with him. Trump said that "he wants to, but he doesn't know when he can do it." Soon? "I hope so," the president said.

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