"There will be strikes on sensitive targets." Putin once again threatens Western countries over aid to Ukraine

The Kremlin dictator
Kremlin dictator threatens countries that help Ukraine. Source: Screenshot of the video

Russia may respond asymmetrically to Ukraine's supply of long-range weapons for attacks on Russian territory. Moscow may send weapons of the same class "to those regions of the world where they will strike at sensitive targets" of Western countries.

This threat was voiced on Wednesday, June 5, by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in front of representatives of news agencies gathered in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of his conversation with the media, the Kremlin leader claimed that he was not threatening Western leaders, as it was "bad manners." But later, commenting on the possibility of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacking military targets on Russian territory, he spoke differently.

"We are thinking about the fact that if someone considers it possible to supply such weapons to the combat zone to strike our territory and create problems for us, why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where sensitive targets of those countries that do this to Russia will be attacked?" the leader of the aggressor state asked.

Warning, the video contains Russian propaganda!

He warned that "strikes on Russia with the participation of Western countries" would mean a direct war against the Russian Federation and that there would be a "reaction" to this.

During the propaganda press conference, Putin specifically focused on Germany. The fact that Berlin provides military assistance to Kyiv is destroying relations between Germany and Russia. And these relations will be finally destroyed if Ukraine receives "some missiles that can strike at targets on the territory of Russia."

The leader of the country that unleashed a full-scale unprovoked war against Ukraine cynically stated that he hoped that the situation between Russia and the West and the world in general would lead to a settlement rather than endless escalation.

Putin in St. Petersburg on June 5, 2024

As OBOZ.UA reported, the Institute for War Studies believes that Vladimir Putin continues to prepare citizens of the terrorist country of the Russian Federation for a protracted war against Ukraine. The Kremlin leader said that all Russians should "work as if they were on the front line."

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