"There will be a window of opportunity": Budanov gives a cautious forecast for the end of the war in Ukraine

The head of Ukraine's military intelligence gave an interview in his office. Source: Sergiy Morgunov, The Washington Post

In its dreams, Russia occupied the whole of Ukraine. Ukrainians also dream of our "Victory Parade in Moscow". Both dreams have little to do with reality, warned Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

Although the head of the DIU is cautious about making predictions, he believes that Ukraine will have a "window of opportunity" in the war with Russia, including the disintegration of Russia into smaller parts. He said this in an interview with the Washington Post.

As noted, in an interview with the publication, Budanov "promised to move the battle to Russian territory with the help of drones and special operations" and "ridiculed a Korean-style settlement through negotiations." He is referring to the so-called Korean scenario, when the line of demarcation between a free Ukraine and the occupied territories, like South and North Korea, is fixed as a result of negotiations with Russia.

Budanov predicts that Russia will launch a "major offensive" in June to try to capture the entire Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and then "the Russians will focus on the US elections and their aftermath," hoping that re-elected President Donald Trump will be able to ratify their gains.

Ukraine is planning new "cross-border attacks" involving "Russian volunteers" and drones.

"This is a plan aimed at reducing Russia's potential. It covers many aspects, for example, the military industry, critical military targets, their airfields, command and control centers," Budanov said of Ukraine's targets.

Asked how this war will end, Budanov cautiously replied that he personally "would not mind" the possible disintegration of Russia into smaller parts, but clarified that this is still just a dream.

"This war will continue as long as this regime is in Russia. Under the next regime, everything may change. One way or another, Ukraine will have a window of opportunity," Budanov said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Trump has recently repeated several times that he personally is able to "end this war in one day." The former president has never said how he could do it. In this regard, Budanov told the Washington Post literally: "I have a lot of respect for Trump. But even a man like him cannot solve this issue in one day."

Earlier, La Repubblica said that NATO is informally discussing the option of ending the war in Ukraine with territorial concessions in exchange for immediate admission to the Alliance. This scenario could be especially useful for Donald Trump if he returns to power in the United States.

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