The British Defense Ministry officially confirmed the provision of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine: details

Ukraine may receive Storm Shadow cruise missiles
The media reported that Britain had handed over to Ukraine long-range Storm Shadow missiles.

The UK has transferred several long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine. Thus, the Ukrainian Defense Forces received a new long-range strike capability on the eve of the long-awaited counterattack against Russian forces.

This was reported by CNN, citing the words of several officials. Ukraine has long asked for this type of ammunition to be supplied to its army.

Storm Shadow cruise missiles on the Panavia Tornado's external sling.

Storm Shadow is a long-range cruise missile with stealth capabilities (invisibility to radar) jointly developed by Britain and France. It is usually launched from the air. It has a range of over 250 km, or 155 miles, just under the 185-mile range of the U.S. Army's ground-to-ground tactical missile system, or ATACMS.


The publication drew attention to the fact that Storm Shadow has enough range to strike deep into Russian-held territory in eastern Ukraine. A Western official told CNN that Britain had received assurances from the Ukrainian government that these missiles would only be used on Ukrainian sovereign territory, and not on Russian territory.

A high-ranking U.S. military official told the publication that the said munitions are "a real game changer in terms of range" and give Kyiv the capabilities it has been asking for since the beginning of the war. As noted in the story, so far the maximum range of weapons provided by the U.S. to Ukraine has been about 49 miles.

Later, the head of the British Defense Ministry Ben Wallace, speaking before the members of the House of Commons, confirmed that London was transferring the Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles to Kyiv, the Evening Standart writes. However, he did not specify whether the missiles have already been delivered to Ukraine.

According to Wallace, the missiles "will allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces based on sovereign Ukrainian territory."

"We just won't stand by while Russia kills civilians. We have seen what the Ukrainians are capable of when they have the right capabilities," the British minister stressed.

"That's why the prime minister and I made the decision to provide longer range capabilities. Today I can confirm that Great Britain is transferring Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine," Wallace said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- earlier in the media there was information that the UK probably intends to transfer Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine. London is pushing the administration of US President Joe Biden to a similar decision;

- British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in an interview with Times Radio did not rule out supplying Ukraine with Storm Shadow cruise missiles. OBOZREVATEL, in turn, found out what these missiles are and how they will strengthen the AFU when they arrive in Ukraine.

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