Russian Ka-27 helicopter destroyed in occupied Crimea

Ka-27 is a Soviet naval anti-submarine helicopter. Photo by the Russian Ministry of Defense

A Russian Ka-27 helicopter was shot down in the temporarily occupied Crimea. It is designed to detect and destroy submarines and surface targets.

The destruction of the Ka-27 was announced by the spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk, on the morning of April 10. "A Russian Ka-27 destroyed in Crimea. It seems it was looking for something. It successfully found it," he wrote on Facebook.

He did not provide any other details.

Traditionally, Russia has not reported the loss.

Russian Ka-27 helicopter destroyed in occupied Crimea

What is known about the Ka-27

The Ka-27 (NATO codification Helix) is a Soviet naval multirole helicopter. It was first taken to the sky in 1973.

It is designed to perform anti-submarine defense tasks for the fleet based on ships of various classes.

It is capable of detecting modern submarines and surface targets, transmitting data about them to shipboard and shore stations, and attacking them with onboard weapons.

The cost of such a helicopter is estimated at $1.5 million.

The Ka-27 has several modifications:

- Ka-27PL is the main anti-submarine helicopter of the Russian Navy, which can carry sonobuoys, torpedoes, conventional depth charges, or a single nuclear one;

- Ka-27PS is designed for search and rescue operations, including shipwrecks;

- Ka-29 is a Marine Corps transport and combat helicopter;

- Ka-31 is equipped with a radar surveillance system with a rotating antenna;

- Ka-32 is a multi-purpose helicopter that served as the basis for a number of specialized modifications.

As reported, according to the morning report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about 830 enemies and 202 pieces of their equipment were neutralized over the past day. The helicopter was not mentioned in the report.

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