Russia wants to recruit about 400 thousand more contractors in 2024: British intelligence assesses aggressor's plans

Russia continues to draft conscripts in spring and fall. Source: Russian propaganda

In 2024, Russia plans to recruit about 400,000 more contract soldiers. The Kremlin needs this to compensate for the significant losses incurred as a result of the war against Ukraine.

This is stated in an intelligence report by the UK Ministry of Defense. Thus, Russia continues to conscript conscripts in the spring and fall.

This year's conscription began on April 1, and Russia intends to draft about 150,000 people aged 18 to 30.

These conscripts serve a 12-month term of service in all branches of the Russian armed forces, but are not currently involved in hostilities in Ukraine.

Conscripts are deployed to garrisons throughout Russia.

At the same time, ground units usually form a separate unit from the battalion, which includes contract soldiers, and some conscripts are likely to serve in units adjacent to the border with Ukraine.

"Russian troops in Ukraine are manned by contract soldiers and some reservists mobilized at the end of 2022. Conscripts are usually pressured to sign up for contract service and then serve in Ukraine. It is likely that the Russian authorities do not want to risk combat losses among conscripts, which would likely be unpopular. Losses among volunteer soldiers are more tolerable to society," the British intelligence emphasizes.

It is noted that in 2024, Russia seeks to attract about 400,000 contract soldiers to support its forces in Ukraine, which have suffered significant losses, as well as to implement previously announced plans to increase the number of armed forces to 1.32 million this year and 1.5 million next year.

As a reminder, Russia's new offensive in Ukraine is expected to take place around the end of May or June. Now our army needs maximum military assistance from our partners, as it is very difficult to resist the well-equipped Russian army.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that, according to his information, Russia would announce a new mobilization of 300,000 soldiers on June 1.

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