Romania says it has already had six "incidents" with Russian drones during the war in Ukraine

Helping Ukraine is important. Source: point.md

Romanian Foreign Minister Luminița-Teodora Odobescu said that during the war in Ukraine, her country has already faced six "incidents" involving Russian drones. She emphasized that the war is very close to Europe and called for continued assistance to Ukraine.

Odobescu made this statement during a speech at the Hudson Institute on June 21. "We see the war. So far, we have seen six incidents with Russian drones on our territory," she said.

According to her, although helping Ukraine may affect inflation and energy prices, partners should help Ukraine win because Russia will not stop there.

As the minister noted, assistance to Ukraine is important but not sufficient to ensure international law and order in the Black Sea region. She is confident that without an appropriate regional approach, all these challenges will return in a few years.

Odobescu also said that countries who are against the Western world are uniting in support of Russian aggression in the Black Sea region.

"All those who are challenging the international order are simultaneously acting in the Black Sea region to support Russian aggression. Iran supplies drones and technology, North Korea supplies munitions, and Chinese companies are still present," the official said.

To prevent such a scenario from repeating in the future, Odobescu called on the United States to be more actively involved in ensuring the security of the region in cooperation with the Black Sea countries and the EU.

To recap, the Romanian authorities have decided to transfer an additional air defense system to Ukraine. It is a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system capable of shooting down ballistic targets.

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