Occupiers executed in Luhansk region a man who was waiting for the AFU: they could not break him with interrogations

Russians executed a Ukrainian in Luhansk region

In Luhansk region, Russian occupants executed a man who was waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the de-occupation of his native land. The invaders constantly interrogated and mocked the resident of Nyzhnya Duvanka, Svatove District, because he did not betray his homeland and did not hide his views.

When mockery failed to break the Ukrainian, the occupiers hanged him in his native village. The head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration, Artem Lysogor, told about another war crime of the Russians.

"The occupiers hanged a man in Svatove region . He had a clear pro-Ukrainian position. The Russian monsters constantly pressured him and dragged him for interrogations. They wanted to break him. But Svatovich did not change his views and waited for release. They executed him in his native Nyzhnya Duvanka," said Lysogor.

He assured: when Ukraine takes back the Luhansk region, very thorough stabilization measures will be carried out in the region. And every executioner and traitor will face fair retribution.

"I assure you that every executioner and collaborator will find punishment! And if they do not die on the battlefield or from the bullets of their own barrier troops and manage to escape - they will wake up daily in fear," promised the head of the Luhansk regional military administration.


Earlier, the NYT reported how Russian occupants executed seven residents of the village of Pravdino near Kherson. The innocent Ukrainians killed by their fellow villagers were allowed to be buried only a month later. Their bodies have been lying at the murder site all this time.

It was also reported that in April, brutal footage of the execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of war circulated the web.

After the video was made public, the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry noted that the military intelligence service found out who had executed our serviceman. Kyrylo Budanov added that an unenviable fate awaits the executioners.

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