"Not to mention Mykolaiv and Odesa": Khodakovskyi complains that Putin's army lacks the strength even to capture Donetsk region

Traitor Oleksandr Khodakovskyi. Source: from open sources

While Russian propagandists promise Russia grandiose victories in Ukraine, the occupiers at the front are much more skeptical. The so-called field commander of the "DPR" Oleksandr Khodakovskyi, for example, does not believe not only in the ability of the Russian Federation to capture Mykolaiv and Odesa but also in the fact that the occupation army will have enough strength to reach even the administrative border of Donetsk region.

The traitor to Ukraine also criticized speakers on Russian television who talk about the unprecedented prosperity of the Russian defense industry and the fact that Russia has not "started to fight in earnest". Journalist Denis Kazansky drew attention to Khodakovsky's complaints.

"DPR field commander Khodakovskyi admitted that Russia does not have the strength to conquer the entire Donetsk region, not to mention Mykolaiv and Odesa," the journalist noted.

Judging by the post of Khodakovskyi, a former SBU officer who defected to the occupiers in 2014, the key problem of the Russian army is the human factor.

"Everyone has their level of access to information and their horizons of analysis, but sometimes one marker is enough to understand the limits of their capabilities. For me, this marker was a person at war. I don't know how many tanks and airplanes, as well as Kalibr and Daggers we produce, or whether the revenue side exceeds the expenditure side, but I see an officer, I see a soldier, and I draw conclusions from them," Khodakovskyi wrote.

''Not to mention Mykolaiv and Odesa'': Khodakovskyi complains that Putin's army lacks the strength even to capture Donetsk region

He added that he felt confident that there would be no "Kyiv in three days" at the first stage of the war. Later, Khodakovskyi admitted, it was supplemented by the feeling that the occupation army would not even be able to reach the administrative border of Donetsk region.

"Even when we were actively advancing and surrendering thousands of prisoners, I said that the war would be long. Even before we were thrown back in Kharkiv and Kherson regions, I predicted that we would annex to Russia exactly what we had won, even without access to the borders of Donetsk region, not to mention Mykolaiv and Odesa... They disagreed with me because the plans were made in isolation from the ground, and I was on the ground and felt its breath," the occupier said.

He also criticized the adherents of the thesis that Russia has not yet begun to fight in earnest.

"And today, when I hear that we have not even begun to fight in earnest and can show them, I really want to believe these words. But I know that if I do, a mystical hope will arise in me, and something inside me will relax, and when the realization of the promises is delayed, it will be very difficult to mobilize again," the Russian war criminal wrote.

Oleksandr Khodakovskiy is a former commander of the Donetsk Alpha SBU who betrayed Ukraine in 2014. He worked in various positions in the "DPR". In March 2023, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin appointed him deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Guard for the DPR.

Since March 2022, he has been involved in Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the east. He took part in the capture of Mariupol and the battles on the Vremivsky Ledge in the summer of 2023.

Earlier, Khodakovskyi complained about the Russian army mining its rear. In particular, he said that one of these mines turned four Russian drone operators into "good Russians" at once.

Last fall, it became known that the Armed Forces almost eliminated Khodakovskyi himself. He complained that there had been two HIMARS arrivals near the place where he was.

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