Naev explained the exceptional importance of the F-16 for Ukraine and thanked the allies

Nayev explained the exceptional importance of F-16 for Ukraine

The commander of the Unified Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Serhiy Nayev has said that the modernization of the Air Force's aviation fleet will shorten the path of Ukraine's victory in the war with Russia. The lieutenant-general emphasized that the air component is an important aspect in strengthening the power of our army.

He also thanked the partners who continue to assist Ukraine. This is reported by the Command of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

According to Naev, the increase in air aid adds confidence that modern fighter jets will bring Ukraine's long-awaited victory in the war against the Russian occupiers closer. At the same time, the general emphasized that we may be talking not only about F-16s but also about other aircraft.

"We realize that our partners are transferring a lot of weapons, missiles and ammunition to us. Of course, when the air component capacities are increased, it boosts confidence that they will bring the long-awaited victory very quickly. Developing the air fleet of the AFU Air Force at the expense of F-16s or maybe other aircraft is shortening the path to victory. This must be understood," Naev said.

In addition, the commander of the AFU Joint Forces expressed gratitude to the partners for the comprehensive military assistance.

"We sincerely thank our partners and realize that only the unity of our country, our partners and the entire Ukrainian people is the key to our common victory over the enemy," Naev said.

A Ukrainian pilot with the call sign Moonfish, who is now undergoing training on the F-16 fighter jet, said that the allies took into account the wishes of Ukraine during the drafting of the training plan. According to him, more attention will be paid to missions that correspond to the realities of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Earlier it was reported that the Netherlands and Denmark are committed to transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, but the deliveries will take place after certain conditions are met. These conditions include training of Ukrainian personnel, the necessary permits, infrastructure and logistics.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Ukraine traditionally celebrates Aviation Day on the last Saturday of August. It is not only civil but also military. It plays an extremely important role in war conditions because it opposes Russian missiles, drones and aerial bombs, which cause a lot of damage for Ukrainian cities.

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