General Nayev: Mobile air defense groups have enough missiles to repel several more powerful Russian attacks

Nayev commented on the work of air defense
Nayev commented on the work of air defense

Kyiv's mobile air defense groups have enough ammunition for several more large-scale Russian air attacks. But in the medium and long term, Ukraine will need new supplies of ammunition from its allies.

On January 3, the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Nayev commented on the situation. "The current situation with man-portable air defense systems for mobile air defense groups is such that there is enough ammunition to withstand several more powerful attacks. But in the medium and long term, we need the help of Western countries to replenish the missile fleet," AFP quoted the lieutenant general as saying.

Nayev noted that the availability of ammunition is a priority, as the Russian army "really wants to deplete" Ukraine's air defense.

"Of course, we would like more missiles for Patriot and the systems themselves," he added.

The AFP agency recalled the latest devastating attacks by the Russian Federation, which killed civilians.

Nayev told reporters that Ukraine's air defense system was working effectively - no other army in the world has ever shown such results.

When asked whether people in Kyiv could feel safe, the lieutenant general replied: "Improving the effectiveness of the air defense system is our task, and we are working on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every citizen of Ukraine should know that the military leadership is doing everything possible to ensure their peace of mind."

AFP spoke to a Ukrainian soldier named Roman. On January 2, he and his colleagues from a mobile firing team shot down two cruise missiles using a Stinger man-portable air defense system (which our defenders used for the first time) and a ZU-23 anti-aircraft mount. The shots were fired about six minutes apart.

Roman admitted that they have had more work lately. "My wife and child are sleeping at home in Kyiv. I understand that I need to work," the soldier said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- Russia's massive missile attacks on Ukraine are not only aimed at causing destruction, but also pursue a larger goal. Moscow is probably trying to force the Ukrainian Armed Forces to spend expensive missiles for the Patriot, Business Insider believes.

- The UK Ministry of Defense noted that Russia's recent strikes in Ukraine have shown a change in Russian tactics. The strikes of significant intensity were not aimed at the energy sector, as it was last winter, but primarily at the military industry.

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