Main Directorate of Intelligence: Russia deployed 46 Iskanders along the border with Ukraine

Russian Iskanders
Russian Iskanders

Ukrainian intelligence is aware of 46 installations of Russian Iskander operational-tactical missile systems deployed by the aggressor near the border with Ukraine. Troops of the terrorist state periodically strike our territory with these missiles.

The corresponding statement was made by Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Vadym Skibitsky at the annual meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES). He is quoted byInterfax-Ukraine as saying.

"As of today, Russia has deployed 46 launchers of the Iskander missile system along the border with Ukraine. It was with this complex [on September 8] that strikes were carried out. Both ballistic missiles and cruise missiles from the Iskander complex. Thus, there is a methodical destruction of formerly civilian objects of our state," the Defense Ministry Main Directorate of Intelligence officer noted.

He added that the occupants are actively using aviation, although they fear the Ukrainian air defense.

Skibitsky called our air defense effective, as it destroys a significant percentage of missiles and drones that the enemy directs at our civilian and military facilities.

"We thank our partners for the latest means of armaments that have been provided to our state. And they are effective, they allow us to defend our state," the intelligence officer added.

Iskander on the armament of the Russian Federation

The main characteristics of "Iskander"

The Iskander missile defense system combines such subspecies as Iskander, Iskander-M, Iskander-K and Iskander-E.

"Iskander-M" is a Russian system with quasi-ballistic missiles 9M723,. The mass of such missiles is 3.8 tons, the warhead - 480 kg. The length of the missile is 7.2 meters, diameter - 920 mm. The maximum altitude of the trajectory - 50 km. Minimum range - 50 km.

The warheads can be cluster, fragmentation-fugitive, thermobaric. All of them cause enormous damage, either "sowing" with submunitions an area equivalent to two soccer fields, or leaving behind a crater 8-10 meters deep, or burning all living things without a chance for rescue in a diameter of more than 60 meters.

Iskander is difficult to intercept, particularly because the missile maneuvers before impact and drops decoys.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, at the YES forum Vadym Skibitsky also said that the Russian army is attacking Ukraine with weapons that were recently manufactured at the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex

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