Lubinets: Ukrainians are detained in Russia on their way to pick up abducted children: one of the women died after 13 hours of interrogation

Occupiers kidnap Ukrainian children

Ukrainians, who travel to Russia with the help of volunteers to pick up children taken there by the occupiers, are detained and interrogated by the Russians. There was a case when the grandmother of an abducted child died after 13 hours of interrogation by the Russian Federal Security Service.

Dmytro Lubinets, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, said this. He urged Ukrainian citizens not to risk going to Russia without state support.

"Ukrainian citizens who, with the help of volunteers, go to Russian territory to pick up their children are detained and interrogated. This is dangerous and that is why we urge not to send relatives for their children on Russian territory!," Lubinets noted.

He also recounted examples of similar detentions, one of which ended in the death of a detainee.

"For example, in the Russian Federation, two women were detained at one of the airports: one was a mother who was on her way to get her child, and the other was a woman who was sent to get her child. They were sent by a community organization, and we learned about their detention from our channel of communication in the RF. And one of the grandmothers just died after a 13-hour interrogation by the FSB. She was also sent by a public organization," said Lubinets, adding that Ukraine was able to return the mother, who was detained at the Russian airport, together with her child, while the second woman is still in captivity.

The Ombudsman noted that there are currently 19,498 verified Ukrainian children who are either in the occupied territory or in Russian Federation. We are talking about children for whom it was possible to establish in which settlements they are located.

It was possible to return 373 little Ukrainians back to Ukraine.

According to the Commissioner for Human Rights, the occupiers gave 365 children for illegal adoption.

To remind, earlier parliamentarians of 13 European countries condemned the mass kidnapping of Ukrainian children by Russia. This is stated in a joint communiqué of the International conference in Warsaw "Strengthening the legislative response to the risks of human trafficking for Ukrainian refugees."

"We condemn the deportation and forced removal of Ukrainian citizens, including children, from the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia. We understand that the number of illegally deported Ukrainian children to Russia is about 20,000," communiqué of the conference, which was attended by 54 participants from different countries.

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