"It is time to increase and accelerate support": Borrell calls on EU to help Ukraine strengthen its defense industry

Borrell calls on EU to increase aid to Ukraine

Russian bloody dictator Volodymyr Putin is trying to increase military pressure on Ukraine to achieve his own political goals. Therefore, support for Kyiv must not be weakened, but rather military and financial assistance to the country that is confronting the aggressor must be strengthened and accelerated, and the European Union must remain united in this regard.

This was stated by European Union High Representative Josep Borrell at a press conference following the EU Foreign Affairs Council. He emphasized that it is necessary to agree on funding for Ukraine.

"The overwhelming majority of ministers were very clear: this is not the moment to weaken support for Ukraine - on the contrary, it is the moment to increase and accelerate it. To do this, we must remain united. We need to strengthen our defense industry and help Ukraine accelerate its own defense industry. We need to agree on the 8th tranche (500 million euros - Ed.) under the European Peace Fund, which is still being finalized, and new funding from the EFSF of 5 billion euros," Borrell said.

He expressed hope that EU leaders would provide political directives to implement these areas of assistance to Ukraine during a meeting to be held later this week.

According to Borrell, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who personally attended the EU Council of Ministers, informed them of the current developments in Ukraine, which is currently fighting on two fronts - the military one, repelling Russian aggression, and the political one, implementing the reforms necessary for EU membership.

Josep Borrell noted that Putin, in order to maintain his presidency, is trying to give a new impetus to the war he is waging in Ukraine. Therefore, the EU must do everything to prevent Putin's Russia from winning.

"Last night, after a pause, Russia launched its first ballistic missile attack against Kyiv in two months. They continue to target civilians, infrastructure, and export infrastructure. We must do everything we can to prevent Putin's Russia from winning and continue to support Ukraine," the EU High Representative emphasized.

He emphasized that Ukraine is fighting on the battlefield, and at the same time Ukrainians are working selflessly to achieve results in reforms. And Ukraine has made important steps on its way to EU membership. So EU leaders have to make important decisions during the European Council this week.

"We have already started a dialogue and expert consultations with Ukraine on future security commitments. We have to provide operational military assistance, but also work on predictable and long-term financing for Ukraine," Borrell added.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba had a conversation with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto. The main topic of the dialogue was the European Council's decision to start negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU, which Budapest opposes.

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