Half of the funds raised by Britain for military aid to Ukraine have not been used: Media gives reasons why

The Armed Forces do not receive military aid because of bureaucracy. Source: The Pentagon

The British government has not used more than half of the funds raised for military aid to Ukraine. We are talking about the amount of 900 million pounds (over 1.1 billion US dollars).

It should be noted that the reason was bureaucratic delays in issuing contracts. This was reported by The Guardian.

The UK-led International Fund for Ukraine has nine countries among its donors. However, analysts say that the delivery of weapons to the front is slow due to bureaucracy.

Only 404 million pounds out of 900 million pounds have been used in two years. It is noteworthy that 500 million pounds of the total amount came from the UK.

British Defense Ministry officials have said that such delays are caused by the need to evaluate each of the huge number of defense companies that have applied for contracts. According to John Healey, a member of the British Parliament from the Labor Party, the UK is united in its support for Ukraine and against Russian aggression, but allies must act more decisively to speed up military support for Ukraine.

The International Fund for Ukraine was established in August 2022 to finance Ukraine's military training and equipment following the Russian invasion. It was conceived as a "flexible, low-bureaucracy fund" managed by the Ministry of Defense on behalf of an executive group that includes the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Lithuania. The money has been allocated by Denmark (£133 million), Iceland (£3 million), Lithuania (£5 million), the Netherlands (£110 million), Norway (£119 million), Sweden (£26 million), Australia (£26 million) and New Zealand (£4 million).

Currently, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps is actively seeking to attract more countries to participate in the fund. However, the fund's track record in allocating funds risks scaring off potential donors.

As a reminder, the administration of US President Joe Biden expects that the supply of military aid to Ukraine will begin immediately after the bill with additional funding is approved by Congress. The US President promised that he would immediately sign the approved document.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the House of Representatives will vote on the aid package for our country on Saturday, April 20, at approximately 20:20-20:30 Kyiv time. The issue of aid to Ukraine comes right after the bill on aid to Israel.

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