Germany says Ukraine can shoot down military aircraft over Russia with its Patriot systems

Ukraine can shoot down planes over Russia with German Patriot, says Christian Freuding. Source:

Germany has allowed the Ukrainian Defense Forces to use Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, transferred by Berlin, to attack the aircraft of the Russian occupation forces. This refers to the downing of military aircraft of the aggressor country within the areas bordering Kharkiv region.

This was stated by Major General Christian Freuding, head of the working group for the coordination of assistance to Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defense, Tagesschau reports. According to him, theoretically, within the framework of the permission granted by Germany to strike Russia, Ukraine can shoot down the occupiers' aircraft in Russian airspace with German Patriot.

"It is quite possible that Patriot systems will now also be used in the Kharkiv area, they are perfect for fighting Russian aircraft that can drop terrible barrage bombs," he said.

However, Freuding emphasized that the tactical use of the systems is the sole responsibility of the Ukrainian military.

"You can use them within the framework of international law. We have great confidence that the Ukrainians will not only comply with it, but will do so with great tactical skill and will succeed," he said.

It should be noted that on May 31, it became known that the German government had authorized Ukraine to attack targets in Russia with German weapons. However, this applies only to the Russian territory bordering the Kharkiv region of our country.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called the government's decision to allow Ukraine to use German weapons against military targets in Russia a good one. According to him, this decision was due to strategic adaptation to the changing situation.

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