Canada to give Ukraine decommissioned rocket engines: when to expect help

Delivery of engines will begin in the coming weeks. Source:

The Canadian government has announced that it will start supplying decommissioned CRV7 rocket engines to Ukraine. The "initial tranche" will be about 2000 rocket engines.

This is reported by The Canadian Press. In total, the Federal Conservatives are asking Ottawa to transfer 83,303 engines to Ukraine, and Ukrainian Ambassador Yuliia Kovaliv said that her country could use the decommissioned weapons to fight the Russian invasion.

Canada will also donate 29 surplus "Nanuk" remote weapon systems and more than 130,000 rounds of small arms ammunition.

Defense Minister Bill Blair announced in Brussels at a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contracts Group, which includes about 50 allies led by the United States.

In a statement, the government said the missiles were tested "to make sure they are viable." Meanwhile, Canada's Ministry of Defense Research and Development and Magellan Aerospace and Defense Research are testing "additional samples" of rocket engines.

"As soon as the results of further tests are available, Canada will evaluate the possibility of transferring additional CRV7 engines," the government added.

The delivery of the engines is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Yuliia Kovaliv told a Senate committee in late May that Ukraine has learned how to repair the transferred weapons.

"We have limited resources, so we are asking the Ministry of National Defense... if there is something that needs to be decommissioned – even if you think it is in a bad condition for your Canadian soldiers – we are ready to accept it. We have a choice: either people who have nothing on the front line can be killed, or we can repair this equipment and use it for really good purposes," she said.

To recap, US President Joe Biden approved the transfer of another Patriot missile system to Ukraine. The decision was made last week: the system is located in Poland.

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