Budanov assesses whether Putin will use nuclear weapons if he loses Crimea

Budanov assesses Putin's nuclear threats

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov, is confident that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will not use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine. In his opinion, this will not happen even if Russian troops lose control of the temporarily seized Crimea.

The head of the GUR said this in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer. He emphasized that Ukraine needs to do everything necessary to cut off Crimea from the supply of weapons from the aggressor country Russia.

In this way, the Russian troops will be forced to move to defense.

Budanov ridiculed the possibility of Putin's use of nuclear weapons and noted that he knew their real characteristics. Also, according to the intelligence chief, it makes no sense for Russia to use tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield.

"First, I know what is really happening there. Secondly, I know the real characteristics of Russian nuclear weapons. What good can it do? We do not have large concentrations of troops for which such nuclear weapons would be appropriate. We can punch holes in our defense lines with conventional means of warfare," he said.

In addition, the use of nuclear weapons would lead to great political risks for Russian dictator Putin, Budanov said.

Earlier, the head of the GUR said that the Crimean bridge, illegally built by Russians, could be destroyed by American long-range ATACMS missiles. As you know, Ukraine has already received these weapons from the United States.

As a reminder, at a meeting with heads of news agencies on June 5, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin once again threatened to use nuclear weapons and called on the West "not to take the aggressor country's nuclear doctrine lightly." The war criminal said that Russia "may use all available means if its sovereignty or territorial integrity is threatened."

As reported by OBOZ.UA, GUR representative Andriy Yusov said that Russia's nuclear threats are now just blackmail. It has been used by Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin and his propagandists for many years.

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