"What a disgusting": the world champion who betrayed Ukraine was promoted by Putin and ridiculed online

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Sergei Karjakin
Sergei Karjakin is an ardent Putinist

World Rapid Chess Champion (Astana, 2012) and World Blitz Champion (Doha, 2016) Sergey Karjakin, who changed his citizenship from Ukrainian to Russian in 2009, was appointed by dictator Vladimir Putin. The grandmaster became the first deputy chairman of the Russian Public Chamber's commission on physical culture, sports and healthy lifestyles, for which he was immediately ridiculed online.


Karjakin is known for his undisguised and ostentatious support of the Kremlin leader, whose image he has repeatedly posed with on his T-shirt. For this, Putin signed a decree appointing the chess player as deputy head of the sports commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, headed by Irina Viner, the organisation's website says.

Readers of the Sports.ru portal did not miss the opportunity to troll the traitor to Ukraine. They noted that Karjakin had openly bent over backwards for the sake of a public office and called him a vile person.


"Karjakin is good. He got into a warm seat after all", "Karjakin did not wag his tongue in vain, at least he got something", "We don't have enough vile officials, we need to breed more", "What a disgusting man Karjakin is, God!", "The composition of the leadership of this commission immediately makes it clear what kind of political cloaca it will be", - they write in the comments.


Earlier, Karjakin was disqualified for six months for supporting the war in Ukraine. The chess player admired how "Russia is fighting nobly, not killing civilians". In response, FIDE Director General Emil Sutovsky spoke harshly of the grandmaster, saying that he had "earned himself a patriot" of Russia.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered to hold an alternative Olympic Games in 2024 called the Friendship Games.

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