Russian Olympic champion who blabbed about stolen washing machines in Ukraine calls on Russia to "divorce" the world

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Stepanova spoke out against participation in the Olympic Games

Beijing 2022 Olympic champion Veronica Stepanova, who earlier revealed why Russians were stealing washing machines in Ukraine, called on Russia to leave the International Ski Federation (FIS). The representative of the aggressor country noted that this would deprive Russia of participation in the Olympics, but "there are more important things" than these competitions.

Stepanova, who fiercely supports Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin and Russian military aggression, wrote this for the website of the propaganda TV channel Match TV. The skier added that she does not expect a positive decision from the FIS regarding the admission to the tournaments, and therefore the Russians should give up membership in the federation and boycott the Games.



"On May 24, FIS should finally say something clear about us, Russian skiers, in terms of admission to international competitions. To be more precise, not to be allowed. I have no illusions. What the FIS announces should not be perceived as a "rejection from home", but as an inevitable, although not painless, divorce. As a consequence of "a lack of mutual understanding, different perspectives on life together, and a loss of feelings of mutual respect and love." Yes, such a divorce will leave us with a high probability without the next Olympics, but there are more important things than even the most important competitions," the athlete wrote.


Earlier fans compared Stepanova's intelligence to that of a washing machine. The Russian skier set Europe a condition that "we are on our way with them". The skier also raved about the "work" of Russian propagandists, saying that "the rest of the press looks like a reminder from the 20th century."

Putin and Stepanova

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Veronica Stepanova repeated the narrative of the Kremlin propaganda that there is "less money" in Europe and the United States.

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