"Incredible" 11-second boxing fight in India stunned fans. Video.

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The match took place in Mumbai

A video of a boxing match between Vimal Kumar and his namesake Vimal Puner has gone viral online. The 11-second fight took place at the Marine Centre club in Mumbai in December 2020, but it was only recently posted online.

After the opening gong, it became clear that Kumar was not ready to fight. First, he "swallowed" two hard jabs and then caught a powerful right hook. Instead of raising his hands and trying to block, the boxer was hit with a left hand. Another right hand forced the referee to stop the fight.


Footage of a strange mismatch between the boxers appeared on Twitter earlier this week and stunned many boxing fans, The Sun reports.


One said: "The guy was clearly not a fighter. He didn't do anything, lol."

Another said: "Nice chin or no strength? Dude ate every single punch."


A third user drew attention to the reaction of the loser: "The hamster in red looked at the referee as if to say: 'Hey, that prick hit me, are you going to let him do it again?"

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