No immune system failures: how to protect your health during the disease season

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Strong immunity is the result of self-improvement. Source: gettyimages

The immune system works tirelessly and over time to keep people healthy. Therefore, people often do not even think about how important it is until the system fails. Tetiana Dziuba, an expert at Farmak, pediatrician, told OBOZ.UA how to take care of immunity and health.

Immunity to protect human health

The main task of the immune system is to protect the health of the body. Strong immunity prepares the body to overcome numerous challenges it faces every day. These include environmental conditions, seasonal changes, and frequent exposure to crowded places.

For example, the immune system helps wounds heal faster. Cuts, scratches, and other skin injuries heal thanks to immune cells. They work to protect the wound from infection and send growth factors to help repair the damaged area. However, a weakened immune system can lead to slower wound healing.

In addition, the immune system gives the body the ability to fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, as well as chemical toxins, smog, and toxins of plant and animal origin.

"If the immune system is functioning well, less time and energy is spent fighting common diseases," adds Tetiana Dziuba.

How to maintain immunity

Strong immunity is the result of working on yourself. Both children and adults should eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and control stress levels.

So, to maintain immunity, it is important to perform a few simple "rituals":

  1. A healthy diet should include a variety of balanced foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals. Include fruits, vegetables, cereals, proteins, and dairy products in your diet.
  2. Regular physical activity promotes overall health and supports optimal immune system function.
  3. Getting enough sleep is key to maintaining the immune system in children and adults. It is important to follow a routine and get enough hours of sleep.
  4. Vaccination is also an effective means of protection against infectious diseases. Recommended vaccinations help build strong immunity and prevent the spread of diseases.
  5. Minimize stress and negative emotions, which can significantly weaken the immune system.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to follow these tips. Especially nowadays, when the quality of sleep and stress levels directly depend on external circumstances.

"This is where vitamin complexes and dietary supplements can help. For example, vitamins C, D3, and zinc play a key role in supporting the immune system," says Dziuba.

  • Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and helps protect cells from free radical damage (molecules that can lead to the destruction of cells and tissues in the body - Ed.), which is especially important for the immune system. It also promotes the functioning of phagocytes, cells that "eat" and destroy pathogens in the body.
  • Vitamin D3 is responsible for regulating the immune response and promotes the production of antimicrobial peptides that fight bacteria and viruses.
  • Zinc is a key element for the activation and functioning of many immune cells and is also important for healthy skin and mucous membranes, which are the first line of defense against infections.

If you are planning to support your immune system with vitamin complexes, we recommend that you first consult your doctor to help you choose the right dosage and composition for you.

"If there are indications, you can try dietary supplements in the form of fizzy drinks, because they are easy to digest and convenient to use," says the doctor.

No immune system failures: how to protect your health during the disease season

For example, PAMP, a dietary supplement with vitamins C, D3 and zinc, was developed to support immunity daily during seasonal respiratory diseases, as well as to increase vitality and normalize the functioning of organs and body systems.

"Pamp for Children" is a good choice for strengthening the immunity of children from the age of three. It is also important to consult a doctor before starting the course, as it is the specialist who will determine the duration of the course.

The expert also reminds us of the importance of regular body checks, which will help identify health problems at early stages and prevent their development.

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