Laughter therapy: an innovative method for health and longevity

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Laughter can help strengthen the immune system

Laughter is one of the natural reactions of the human body, without which it is difficult to imagine our life. However, when it comes to malfunctions or serious illnesses people usually do not care for jokes. And for good reason. Although laughter can't completely cure your ailments, it can improve mood, strengthen immunity, reduce stress and relieve pain.

Laughter releases endorphins, the hormones that cause euphoria. These are the findings shared with Northwestern Medicine by neurologist Danny Bega, M.D.

Experts talk about the positive impact of laughter in medicine for a reason. In 2016, 40 patients with Parkinson's disease visited a hospital support group featuring actors. This visit initiated a 12-week study, after which changes in the condition of some individuals were analyzed.

Bega claims that improv comedy promoted concentration, improved communication, reduced stress and promoted acceptance and empathy, at a time when all of these issues greatly affect the daily activities of people with Parkinson's disease.

Scientists assure that laughter is good for anyone. Its main benefits include:

reducing stress: laughter affects the production of stress hormones;

immunity strengthening: during laughter toxins are removed and lymphocyte levels rise to fight diseases;

pain reduction: due to the release of endorphins, laughter reduces pain;

blood pressure regulation: laughter normalizes blood pressure at rest and prevents heart problems;

improving memory: while laughing, the concentration of oxygen increases, which improves brain function, including memory.

Although laughter may not be the best and only line of therapy, it is certainly good for your health and longevity.

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