How to reduce inflammation in the body: tips from doctors

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Chronic inflammation can cause health problems

Throughout our lives we are constantly exposed to the negative influences of the external environment. Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury and infection, and is also indicative of a properly functioning immune system. However, chronic inflammation cannot be healthy and can cause serious illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes or heart disease. To prevent this, you should follow a balanced diet, lead an active life, resist stress and establish a rest routine.

Most diseases can be prevented by following simple rules and a healthy lifestyle. Eat This, Not That! has identified some effective ways to do just that.

Healthy diet

Everyone knows about the benefits of a balanced diet since childhood. The right diet significantly affects the reduction of inflammation in the human body and prevents serious diseases. So, the consumption of olive oil, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage, fatty fish and nuts, strawberries, cherries, oranges, etc. can be very beneficial.

You should also avoid foods that can cause inflammation, such as red and processed meats, refined and fried foods, margarine, and sweetened beverages.

Healthy Weight

Being overweight can not only ruin your figure, but also cause serious damage to your health. For example, obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, which, in turn, causes other pathological processes in the body.

Regular exercise

In the fight against inflammation, physical activity does not have to be intense. According to Susie Hong, M.D., 30 minutes of moderate exercise or even a brisk walk is sufficient to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect.

Get a good night's sleep

For the proper functioning of the body, it is recommended to sleep 7-9 hours a day. Rest and inflammation are related processes, since a constant lack of sleep provokes inflammatory processes. That is why, despite the rhythm of life and catastrophic employment, you should adjust your schedule and establish a rest routine.

Stress management

Modern life requires a high level of endurance and energy expenditure. Sometimes because of this, people are under constant stress, and this only harms their health. Inflammation is partly regulated by cortisol, the stress hormone. If it fails, the inflammatory process gets out of control.

Under stress, the immune system cannot respond to hormonal changes, and this leads to disease. That's why you should not only monitor your body condition, but also pay attention to your psychological health in order to prevent serious illnesses.

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