Experts tell us what the appearance of your nails can indicate

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The colour and texture of nails may indicate the presence of diseases

Daily and high-quality care is the key to maintaining youthfulness for many years. We take special care not only of our face, but also of the beauty of our hands, taking care of their skin. However, we should not forget that nails require no less attention, because without a neat manicure, you cannot imagine beautiful hands. In addition, you shouldn't forget about the health of your nails, because their condition can tell you a lot.

Like any other part of the body, nails can hurt, and their appearance can signal disorders in the functioning of other organs. Referring to the explanations of experts, the AARP publication explained what changes in the nails can indicate.

Sometimes, when we first visit doctors with various health complaints, we may be surprised by their request to examine our nails. The fact is that their appearance may be normal, indicate natural signs of ageing, or signal the presence of problems in the body that we are not even aware of. That's why we need to know what to look for.

Changes in the crescent-shaped area

Most people have a crescent-shaped area on their nails, which is located just behind the cuticle and decreases in size from the thumb to the little finger. According to experts, if the size of the hole extends to almost the entire nail, making it white, this can be a sign of ageing, but sometimes it indicates serious heart or kidney failure, as well as liver cirrhosis.

Changes in nail shape and texture

Changes in the shape or texture of the nails can also be an early sign of certain diseases.

For example, corrugated nails (a shape with depressions or dimples) may indicate the development of psoriasis, and a soft plate signals problems with iron absorption - its lack (anaemia) or excessive amount (haemachromatosis).

Weakening and separation of the nail from the nail bed can be caused by thyroid disorders, and their thickened shape can be a symptom of cardiovascular, pulmonary, or gastrointestinal problems.

Lines on the nails

If you notice a dark stripe running along the entire nail, you should not delay a doctor's examination. Such a change can be an early sign of melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer that can occur for a long time without noticeable symptoms.

The appearance of a horizontal line or indentation can be the result of an injury, stress, or illness after which the nails stopped growing for a while. In addition, doctors believe that uncontrolled diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, as well as a lack of zinc in the body, may be associated with this change.

Discolouration of nails

An unnatural colour of the nail bed may indicate problems in the body. For example, blue colour can be a symptom of Wilson's disease, a rare genetic disorder in which copper accumulates in the liver, brain, and other organs.

Patients with severe kidney disease may have half nails: they are white up to the middle of the bed, and the second part is dark.

Yellowing of the nail bed occurs in people with chronic bronchitis or pulmonary diseases, and is also seen in some fungal infections of the nail.

As you can see, the appearance of the nails can tell you a lot about the general condition of the body. Experts note that their changes are not always caused by pathological processes, sometimes they just need nutrition, moisture, or proper care. But if the appearance of your nails is confusing, don't hesitate to consult a doctor, because timely diagnosis and identification of possible problems simplifies treatment and guarantees better results.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL named the symptoms of nail disease. Experts note that a fungal infection can be manifested by brittleness or roughness of the nail, pain in it, or an unpleasant odour.

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