Zelensky: on the front line we are active, there is much to thank the soldiers for

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Volodymyr Zelenski addressed the Ukrainians at Lubart Castle
Volodymyr Zelenski addressed the Ukrainians at Lubart Castle

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that on the front lines are active actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The head of state thanked our defenders, who showed good results.

The leader of the country recorded a new address to Ukrainians in the evening of July 9 in Lutsk, where the president arrived on Sunday morning together with the head of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The video was filmed at the Lubart Castle (to see the recording, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"This week there is much to be thankful for for the soldiers of our 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, the 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade, the Eighty Troopers... Well done, soldiers!" - Zelensky stated.

Ukrainian heroes also showed courage in the Tauride sector. "As always, the paratroopers of the Seventy-Ninth Brigade, the artillerymen of the 55th separate Zaporizhzhya Sich brigade, the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion and the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade performed with power, courage and precision... I want to thank you!" the guarantor said.

He separately noted several defenders, whom he named by name. These are Major Volodymyr Honcharov, a soldier of the Zaporizhzhya Sich Brigade; Sailor Serhiy Komar, a sailor of the 35th Separate Marine Brigade; Soldier Oleksiy Labenets, a rifleman of the Security Battalion of the 15th Transport Aviation Brigade; and Major Anton Cherevko and Senior Lieutenant Vasyl Abramiv, artillerymen of the Magura, 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade. The President thanked each of them.

Zelensky in Lutsk Castle

The Ukrainian leader also said that today he and his team spent the day in Lutsk, where they had a conversation with Andrzej Duda. The presidents attended a prayer service together, which was attended by representatives of all faiths and religious communities, at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

"Together with Andrzej we honored the memory of all the victims in Volyn. We value every life, remember history and defend freedom together," said Zelensky.

"Here in Lutsk, in the castle of Lubart, held today a long meeting concerning the situation in the region: security, the situation on the border, the situation in the border areas of neighboring Belarus... The priority is to strengthen every region, our entire northern border. There were reports from the military, law enforcement officers, local authorities. We analyzed the training and provision of our defense and security forces, relevant units in Volyn.

There was a report on the social situation in the region, people's needs. Energy, water supply, budgetary provision - both for people and for the social sphere. The state of shelters. Jobs in the region. The state supports and will support as much as possible. And I am grateful to everyone here in Lutsk, to everyone in other cities and communities of the region, where they accepted migrants, where they help to treat and rehabilitate our warriors. Thank you!". - the guarantor said.


- The visit of Zelensky and Duda to the regional center of the Volyn region was not announced in advance. In the morning of July 9, it became known that the presidents met in the historical part of Lutsk. To mark the 80th anniversary of the so-called Volyn massacre, a prayer service was served in the church of Peter and Paul.

- Later, the head of Ukraine held a coordination meeting on the grounds of the Lubart Castle.

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