"We are realists and do not demand the impossible": Reznikov spoke about the expectations from the NATO summit in Vilnius

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The head of the Defense Ministry, Oleksii Reznikov, frankly stated that at the NATO summit to be held in Lithuania in early July, Ukraine expects to receive answers about its membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. Today, amid the war, Russia, as the aggressor, must receive a clear signal from the world that its influence can extend only within its internal borders.

Reznikov's words are reported by The Guardian. In a comment to the authoritative publication, the Ukrainian official recalled Germany's fateful decision in 2008, when Chancellor Angela Merkel did not want to provoke Putin and cut off Ukraine's path to the International Defense Block.

"In Vilnius, country leaders will have an opportunity to correct the 2008 Bucharest mistake and demonstrate responsible leadership by meeting our expectations. We are realists and we do not demand the impossible. That is why our expectations from the summit are very realistic: to receive a guarantee of an invitation to NATO after Ukraine's victory in the war," the minister emphasized.

Reznikov added that Kyiv is ready to sign the accession protocol immediately. This will make it possible to launch the ratification procedure and obtain full membership status.

We should remind you that Reznikov had previously expressed his expectations of real settings for our state's accession to the alliance, which will be discussed in Vilnius. After all, Ukraine is already playing the role of the eastern flank of NATO.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that President Zelensky said that there are all the grounds for a political invitation of Ukraine to NATO. According to him, Kyiv is preparing for the decisions at the next summit to become "really meaningful".

At the same time, the Pentagon pointed to Ukraine's own path to NATO membership. At the moment, the U.S. is focused on making sure that our army has everything it needs on the battlefield.

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