"They have shown more than once what they are capable of!" Zelenskyi said that the EU's decision regarding Ukraine is crucial for Europe. Video

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Zelenskyi commented on the EU's decision regarding Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi commented on the historic decision of the European Council to start negotiations with Ukraine on membership in the bloc. He called this result strong and important not only for our country but also for the whole of Europe.

The politician emphasized that other important decisions, including full membership in the European Union, are awaiting Ukraine. Zelenskyi's video address at the end of the 659th day of the war with Russia was published on his official YouTube channel.

"Thank you to everyone who supported me; I did exactly what we agreed upon. I extend my gratitude to everyone in Ukraine – our team and all those who did everything necessary. We have fulfilled the recommendations of the European Commission, dispelling all doubts. Today, we have decided to commence negotiations on joining the EU. This step will be followed by others. Integrating the state, all institutions, and norms into the European Union is a significant undertaking. However, we will accomplish it. Ukraine has repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities. Another victorious decision will come, and there will be a time when we can celebrate Ukraine's accession to the European Union," emphasized President Zelenskyi.

He congratulated the Ukrainian people on this crucial decision for our country and expressed gratitude to everyone tirelessly fighting for Ukraine.

"I want to especially thank all our boys and girls, all men and women who fought and are fighting for Ukraine, who are currently in battles, defending Ukraine's will, and assisting our soldiers – providing treatment, training, supplying weapons, and producing weapons. Everything we are achieving would not have been possible without the heroic courage of our people, our nation, which inspires the whole world," the politician said.

Zelenskyi mentioned his return to Ukraine and being in Lviv. The President briefly discussed the results of his working visits to partner countries, where new assistance for Ukraine was announced.

According to the head of state, more aid packages will be provided for our country.

"There will be more support packages. We had a successful summit with the Nordic countries. Friends, I thank you for your support. Denmark announced a billion-dollar package to protect the sky, artillery, and much more. Norway presented a new package of over $400 million, including air defense. Finland is also preparing a new package. Iceland is preparing a long-term financial support program. Sweden is also preparing a new package. The Ukraine + Northern Europe summit issued a strong statement. Another political projectile that brings our victory closer," Zelenskyi said.

He also commented on his visit to the United States and talks with US President Joe Biden and both parties. The President is confident that Congress will soon approve the request of the American President for additional funding for Ukraine.

"The United States. Today, I was at the base in Wiesbaden, Germany, the base of the US military command in Europe and Africa. It is a powerful facility where our military personnel are working. We met with partners who will strengthen us. A visit to Washington, President Biden, his team, Secretary Austin, General Brown, Congress, both parties, speaker Johnson. I heard words of respect for our people, for our struggle, important advice, and agreements. Thank you all for your support, and let's continue our work. We expect that Congress will soon make the necessary decision. We have to win! No matter what happens, we will work, fight, and enhance Ukraine's strength. Believe in your strength!" Zelenskyi summarized.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, on December 14, the leaders of the European Union decided to start negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova on EU accession. Georgia was also granted the status of a candidate for membership in the organization.

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