The Rada passed a law allowing for the seizure of Soviet and imperial cultural sites

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Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine have adopted a law allowing the removal of Soviet and imperial landmarks. Now they will not be considered part of the cultural heritage of our state and will be removed from the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine.

This law was voted for by 285 people's deputies. This was reported by People's deputy of Ukraine Alexei Goncharenko.

"Sights, which are symbols of the Russian imperial and Soviet totalitarian policies, are withdrawn from the State register of immovable monuments of Ukraine. In favor - 285", - said the politician.


According to the adopted law, monuments and landmarks will not be considered cultural heritage of Ukraine:

- dedicated to persons who held leading positions in the Communist Party (the position of secretary of the district committee and above);

- dedicated to persons who held senior positions in the highest authorities and administration of the USSR, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), other union or autonomous Soviet republics, the authorities and administration of regions, cities of republican subordination, employees of Soviet state security agencies of all levels;

- dedicated to events connected with the activity of the communist party, with the establishment of Soviet power on the territory of Ukraine or in separate administrative-territorial units, persecution of participants of the struggle for independence of Ukraine in the XX century (except monuments and memorial signs connected with resistance and expulsion of Nazi occupants from Ukraine or with development of Ukrainian science and culture)

- subject to dismantling in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the condemnation of communist and national-socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and prohibition of propaganda of their symbols";

- those that are symbols of the Russian imperial or Soviet totalitarian policies (in accordance with the criteria defined in Article 151 of this law).

The adoption of this law has already been welcomed by Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenko.

"I always ask: why do we need 400 streets of Pushkin, some of which also have monuments to the Russian poet? If with the renaming of streets the process is easier, with the demolition or relocation of monuments - legislatively regulated. We need to simplify the procedures for clearing Russian markers, so we in the ICIP developed a bill that became known as the "Anti-Pushkin," Tkachenko said about the background of the draft law.

The minister noted that the MPs share the Ministry of Culture's vision of the dominance of Soviet and imperial monuments in Ukraine, which has always been superfluous, and in conditions of full-scale war is even more dangerous. That is why the law, which gives the Ukrainian state the opportunity to cleanse itself of reminders of the Russian occupation, was passed.

"Today deputies in the second reading by a majority adopted our Draft Law "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On the protection of cultural heritage" not to include in the State Register of immovable monuments of Ukraine and the removal of certain objects of cultural heritage from the Register. What does it mean? Now there is a legal basis for the removal of monuments of cultural heritage from the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine, which are the symbols of the Russian imperial and Soviet totalitarian politics and ideology. Thank you deputies for your support", - said Tkachenko.

Recall, the day before the Verkhovna Rada officially recognized "Rashism" as the state ideology of Russia and appealed to the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE, the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, governments and foreign parliaments to support the condemnation of the ideology, policies, and practices of Rashism

The initiators of the appeal stressed that it will once again remind the world of the unjustifiable crime of aggression committed against Ukraine and will be the next stage of bringing the leadership of the Russian Federation to real responsibility.

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