What you should not do on Palm Sunday: strict superstitions from the past

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Palm Sunday is one of the most important holidays in Christianity. It marks the solemn entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem a week before his crucifixion.

This day, like most Christian and church holidays, has its own rules and prohibitions. Telegraf described them in detail.

In 2024, Palm Sunday in Ukraine falls on April 28, as Easter, according to the lunar calendar, will take place on May 5.

Willow branches are an integral attribute of the holiday. In the past, they were a symbol of nature's awakening for our ancestors.

History of the holiday

According to the legend, Jesus left the village of Bethany, where he raised Lazarus, on a donkey and went to Jerusalem. There, he was greeted by joyful people who began to cover the road with palm leaves as a sign of respect. That is why Palm Sunday is called so in some countries where these plants grow.

What to do on Palm Sunday

On this day, believers attend church and bring willow branches to be blessed. Then they keep the blessed plants at home throughout the year and decorate their homes and iconostasis with them because they believe that they can protect the house from water and fire and give the residents good health.

Also, in order to protect their relatives from illness and evil, it was customary to beat each other lightly with a willow, saying, "I don't beat you, the willow does, Easter is coming, a red egg is near."

What not to do on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is an incredibly important holiday for believers, so during it you should never swear, quarrel, curse, be angry, or take offense. Also, it is not allowed to have fun and eat too much, as well as to engage in hard physical labor, housework, and sewing, knitting, and embroidery.

Even if a person is celebrating a birthday on this day, they should not celebrate lavishly.

In addition, it is not recommended to plant anything on Palm Sunday because, as they say, everything will "fuel willow" and will grow poorly.

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