Ukrainians with the third group of disability are no longer allowed to go abroad? State Border Guard Service explains the situation. Exclusive

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How to cross the border
How to cross the border. Source: visitukraine.today

Ukraine has not changed the rules for crossing the border. However, border guards continue to scrutinize documents. Since the beginning of the year alone, almost 50,000 Ukrainian citizens who did not qualify for a pass have been denied entry at the border, and 3,000 forged documents have been found.

Andrii Demchenko, a spokesman for the State Border Guard Service, told OBOZ.UA. The agency responded to disputes on the border with Poland, in particular in Shehyni. There, men who were asked for their documents were dissatisfied with the actions of the security forces. Rumors began to spread on social media that men with the third disability group were no longer allowed to leave Ukraine. However, the information about the rule change is fake. The checkpoint was closed for several hours.

"The passage of persons across the border is still carried out in accordance with the current legislation, including the Rules of Border Crossing for Citizens of Ukraine, approved by Government Resolution 57. The rules, among other things, define the conditions for crossing the border during martial law, especially for male citizens of Ukraine, who are generally restricted from leaving Ukraine. The rules clearly define the categories and conditions under which citizens can cross the border," Demchenko explained.

Border guards are carefully examining documents that would give grounds for leaving. According to the spokesperson, people try to speculate on the conditions of crossing the border, traveling for other purposes or using forged or fictitious documents. There are no changes in the border crossing rules, but the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will always check the conditions of departure and strictly comply with the law .

Earlier, three former deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine left the country after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion and never returned. Serhii Katsuba, Oleksandr Tretiakov and Oleksandr Zats fled abroad using the Shlyakh (Path) system under the guise of volunteers, the media reported.

Earlier, four fugitives were caught near the village of Untylivka, Rozdilnyanskyi district, Odesa region. A drone with a thermal imager helped border guards detect the offenders, who wanted to illegally enter Moldova.

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