Traveling during the war: what happens to Ukrainian tourism in winter

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New survey on tourism

The full-scale invasion completely changed our lives. The first few months have slipped from our minds, everything was a blur. We don't remember anything and, to be honest, we don't really want to remember. But, no matter how scary it may sound, a person is able to adapt to any conditions. Time passed, and Ukrainians returned to their usual routines: they went back to work, resumed gym classes, started going to coffee shops and planning tours.

By the way, the latter is not so easy. Most families are unable to visit Europe as a whole due to the closure of the borders, so they choose domestic resorts. Some still manage to escape to European locations and enjoy their vacations, while others do not perceive traveling at all at this time. Read on to find out how people feel about traveling in their home country and other countries.

Do our people travel during the war: survey results

In November 2023, Gradus conducted a survey of 471 people aged 18 to 55 for Ribas Hotels Group. All respondents live in cities with a population of more than 50 thousand people, have an average income and above, and have been on vacation at least once in the last 3 years.

The sample showed that 49% of respondents had vacationed only in Ukraine, 46% - both in Ukraine and abroad. Another important question that many people are concerned about is whether it is appropriate to go on a trip when there are hostilities. 78% believe that traveling around Ukraine is not only appropriate, but necessary. 56% support traveling abroad.

As for the locations where our countrymen are traveling, nothing has changed much compared to the pre-war period. People, like then, prefer the Carpathians and family apartment complexes.

Traveling during the war: what happens to Ukrainian tourism in winter

How often do Ukrainians vacation during the war?

According to the survey, 80% of respondents did not travel anywhere, but enjoyed their vacation in Ukraine. Speaking of vacations in the next 3 months, some respondents, namely 30%, are still planning a vacation. They will be traveling on the territory of our homeland or in Europe. Also, 32% will stay at home to relax, and 38% do not consider tours at all during this period.

By the way, the dynamics of tourism has not sagged much. Over the past 3 years, many Ukrainians have traveled to resorts. In particular, 31% of respondents have traveled three times and 24% have traveled twice.

Answers about the duration of travel differ slightly. 35% of respondents who have recently returned from a trip vacationed there for 1-2 weeks. And 29% - from 4 to 7 days. As for those who are just planning a tour, they are almost of the same opinion as the previous ones. 35% are in favor of making the vacation last as long as possible, while 34% think seven days will be enough.

Traveling during the war: what happens to Ukrainian tourism in winter

Booking window

The war has taught our people not to plan a trip in advance. That's why the situation is somewhat different from the pre-war period. For example, people are not in a hurry to book rooms in Bukovel now. Even before the Christmas and New Year holidays. But there is still demand. According to forecasts, in January it will increase significantly, and with it the price tags will rise.

If we talk about hotels in major business cities, the situation is quite different. Work and business trips have not disappeared and burst into people's lives in the spring or summer of 2022. Therefore, the influx of customers is constant. However, the picture will change on the eve of Christmas and New Year, and the load will drop significantly.

Traveling during the war: what happens to Ukrainian tourism in winter

Price range

Usually, during the New Year holidays, tour prices rise dramatically. Then they gradually decrease and return to normal. This was the case before the war, and it is the case now. For example, the cost of a standard room for two at popular resorts can fluctuate around $120, and in the higher price segment, it can reach $250. By the way, booking in advance improves the situation a bit.

Experts assure that it is very difficult to say anything about tariffs. They will be adjusted depending on the number of requests for specific destinations. After all, despite the fact that people are used to shelling, they are still afraid to travel around the country. And most Ukrainians are still apathetic and stressed, and they are definitely not in the mood for travel.

The only thing we know is that if demand at ski resorts jumps up in January, prices will increase by 10-15%.

Traveling during the war: what happens to Ukrainian tourism in winter

What is a vacation like today

Today, Ukrainians are not so keen on travel. Currently, 70-75% of them are calm about traveling, believing that it is necessary, like a breath of fresh air. Nowadays, our countrymen associate travel with health improvement, meditation and hiking. During their planned vacations, tourists mostly walk the streets of cities, go on excursions, visit places of interest, and simply enjoy conversations in interesting restaurants or cafes.

By the way, in winter, Poland and its ski resorts are the most popular foreign destinations. Perhaps, after the borders are opened, they will become the most popular among fans of snowy slopes.

So there is tourism in Ukraine. Today, it is developing a little slower due to the lack of mood, certain fears, rising prices, and a shortage of funds for entertainment. But we are sure that the time will come when it will flourish again and bring large revenues to the state budget.

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