Top 8 most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world

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The best beaches for fall vacation

Our lives are made up of small decisions. Some people are sad that summer is over. Others don't care at all because they know that the velvet season is in full swing. Close your eyes and imagine the azure color of the waves, the gentle rays of the sun, and the sandy shore just like in the picture. Now we're going to tell you about the places that will match your dream by 99%.

  • Bowling Ball, California

If you translate the name of the area, it means "Bowling Ball Beach". The perfectly round stones on the coast fully justify it. It looks like a location from a fairy tale. And the stones are the work of some fantastic giant who laid them out in rows.

  • Harbor Island, Bahamas

The coastline shimmers with the colors of flamingos, cotton candy or your favorite cake. It's hard to believe that such a place exists, but it's true. It is in the Bahamas that you can walk barefoot on the warm pink sand that smoothly flows into the Atlantic Ocean. By the way, this delicate shade is given to it by the mixed microparticles of coral.

Harbor Island is 5.3 km long and up to 810 meters wide.

It is easy to feel calm and carefree here. The western embankment is the center of a large shallow lagoon surrounded by islands on all sides. Another pleasant surprise is the crystal clear water, which attracts divers from all over the world. The visibility can reach 60 meters, which allows you to see all the beauty of the marine world to the fullest.

Top 8 most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world
  • Glass Beach, California

Garbage turning into a cosmically beautiful place is an exception to the rule. Perhaps it is nature that has made it another miracle. This cliff-side coastline used to be a dumping ground for the Fort Bragg military base. When the amount of waste reached critical proportions, it was simply burned, and the area was filled with mountains of plastic and other junk. This was the case until the late 1960s (even old cars were dumped there). Only 20 years later, the authorities decided to stop the abuse.

The shore was cleaned up, but the broken glass remained there. For decades, the waves polished the fragments, and the sharp corners became smooth over time, so the multi-colored pieces began to resemble precious stones. The ocean has done a precise work that fascinates tourists from all over the world. It's a paradox that once it was a garbage dump. Now it's strictly forbidden to collect glass on the waterfront.

Top 8 most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world
  • Papakolea, Hawaii

It's not so easy to get here. First, you need to get a special permit and then walk for about 4 hours. However, if you can arrange a ride with a local, you can get a ride. Of course, it's not free, but it will greatly speed up your visit to this unique place.

Papakolea Beach in Hawaii consists of chrysolite particles: a semi-precious green stone. From a distance, it seems that it is covered with a bright grassy carpet. However, when you step on the shore, the shade fades and looks more like a golden olive. It's forbidden to take even a handful out of here. Visitors are immediately warned about this to avoid temptation. In addition, the ocean waves wash away the priceless sand, so researchers have fears that it may be gone in 100 years.

Top 8 most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world
  • Chandipur, India

A snap and the sea is gone. This is possible on the Chandipur coast in India. The water simply disappears twice a day: at low tide, it recedes by as much as 5 kilometers. The bottom opens up with small crabs, fish, shells, and seashells instead.

  • Perissa, Santorini, Greece

Anyone who has ever been to Crimea will immediately remember Gurzuf. This is a promenade with a giant rock, Mesa Vouno, which is illuminated at night. It is very similar to Ayu-Dag. However, it has more curves.

The area is always crowded, so you won't be able to be alone. In addition, it is an expensive resort with many beautiful hotels booked months in advance. However, the black beach you have a chance to walk on will impress you for the rest of your life. It's moments like this that are worth traveling for.

Top 8 most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world
  • Path of the Giants, Northern Ireland

There is a legend that the warrior Finn McCool and the Scottish giant threatened each other at this place. They were simultaneously building a trail to finally meet and find out who was who. However, the truth is different: thousands of basalt columns appeared in Ireland as a result of volcanic eruptions 50-60 million years ago. The molten rock cooled down, forming about 40 thousand columns.

In 1986, the monument became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1987, it was made a national reserve.

Top 8 most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world
  • Vaadhoo Beach, Maldives

During the day, this place is completely unremarkable. Yes, it's beautiful, but there's no highlight: palm trees, white sand, and an atmosphere of complete relaxation. However, as soon as evening falls, magic happens: tiny lights of a delicate blue hue begin to light up in the coastal water. The coast radiates a fabulous shimmer as if it were illuminated by flashlights. However, the miracle is created by phytoplankton living in the ocean.

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