"They are afraid to fly close to the border": Russia has dropped about 100 guided bombs on its territory this year alone

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Crater formed from one of the bombs dropped on Russian territory . Source: rosmedia

Russian pilots are afraid to fly closer than fifty kilometers to the front line. Therefore, they launch their bombs from a considerable distance.

As a result, this year alone, more than 100 such bombs failed to reach Ukraine and landed on Russian territory. Ivan Tymochko, Chairman of the Land Forces Reservists Council, spoke about this and the reasons behind it on the We Are Ukraine TV channel.

The fact that the Russian occupiers regularly drop the bombs on the territory of the Russian Federation by mistake is caused by a number of reasons, including technical ones.

"This year, as of today, it has been recorded that more than 100 such bombs have fallen on the territory of Russia, in particular in the Belgorod region and nearby. They do not reach our territory because they are not only inaccurate but also because the gliders are not always perfect, they do not always open. And then these bombs fall on Russian territory," Tymochko said.

In his opinion, another reason is psychological: Russian pilots are afraid that their planes will be shot down by the Defense Forces if they fly too close to the front line.

"Despite the density of Russian aviation, they do not fly close to the front line because then their downing is almost guaranteed. Therefore, they try to launch the bombs from a distance of at least 50 kilometers from the front line. This causes a number of technical problems and affects the accuracy of targeting," said Tymochko.

The head of the Land Forces Reservists Council emphasized that despite this, the FABs have been and remain a serious threat. And they would have been even more dangerous if not for the "unqualified Russians".

"Of course, such bombs are very destructive, of course, they pose a danger, especially to the civilian population because their flight paths are very difficult to calculate. Unfortunately, the enemy has a lot of them. But, as we can see, the quality of these bombs is low. And we have to thank unqualified Russians and their haste because they are also in a hurry to remove these bombs from storage and use them now. And it is a burden on the industry. And the Russian industry, as we can see, does not always cope with the requests that are made. And this is a good thing for us," he said.

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