These passwords are already known all over the internet: check yours on the list

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Passwords that should be changed right now

Cybersecurity is not just a fashion trend but a vital thing in the modern world. Attackers are constantly improving their hacking methods, so it's important that your passwords are as strong as possible.

However, many people still use simple combinations, which makes them vulnerable to attacks. The Express has published a list of the least secure passwords. Check to see if yours is among them.

Millions of people use incredibly simple passwords that are easy to guess. This makes it very easy for attackers who want to gain access to other people's personal accounts.

According to research, the most popular password is "123456," which has been used 42,542,807 times in personal data breaches.

The second most commonly hacked password was "123456789" and the third was "qwerty".

These passwords can be hacked literally instantly. Hackers use special computer programs, so "123456" will not stop them.

In general, any password that contains only one type of character, for example, only numbers, is very easy to pick.

Therefore, you should use combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, and avoid information that is easy to guess. Do not set names, popular names, birthdays, etc. as your password.

In addition, do not use the same combination for all accounts.

Take a look at the 20 most insecure passwords. If you see yours on this list, you should change it right now.

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