The royal hairdresser explains how to make the perfect hairstyle: Kate Middleton uses his services

Make a volume like Kate Middleton's using a few tips

Before the winter holidays, a beautiful hairstyle is the key to a great look. You really don't want the lack of volume to spoil your mood the morning after washing your hair or just before receiving guests.

A British expert who creates hairstyles for Kate Middleton herself told Dail Mail some tips on how to keep your hair looking fresh for as long as possible. These life hacks will allow your hairstyle to last up to a week.

You can create styling that will last a long time at home.

Wavy hair is better than straight hair

To make your blow-dried hairstyle last longer, you should create lush curls or waves.

"Wrap your hair in curlers to create beach waves after blow-drying. If you start with the most volume, the hair will fall over time, so any volume created with heat styling should last longer," Richard shared his life hack.

Although you may be tempted to use a lot of mousse or hairspray to make your hairstyle last longer, it's better to refrain from doing so.

Overloading your hair with products is absolutely unnecessary. Too much product can not only weigh down the hair but also attract dirt and dust to it. This means that it will most likely look and feel like it needs to be washed sooner rather than later, the Daily Mail writes.

Wavy curls will last longer.

What to do so that sleep does not spoil the styling

Hairdressers usually advise using a silk pillowcase because it is more gentle to the hair than a cotton pillowcase as it is smoother and less likely to damage it and cause tangles.

Richard also suggests styling your hair before going to bed. "Twist your hair into a bun and then use a silk elastic to secure it on top of your head. It's important that it's on top so you don't sleep on your hair. Then the volume will be on the back of your head or under your hair when you let it down in the morning," the hairdresser said.

It is better to sleep on a silk pillow so that your hair is less damaged.

Shower and cook carefully

If your hair becomes damp, it will significantly reduce the duration of styling, Richard says.

The Daily Mail advises opening a window while cooking if it's dry outside to keep all the moisture out of your hair.

Don't use dry shampoo too often

"If you feel like your hair needs repairing, dry shampoo is a great option, but be careful when using it," Richard says.

"If you apply too much of it, it will make your hair dull, so you should use it near the roots only. Usually, all you need to do is apply the product, leave it on for a few minutes, and massage and comb it out, the hairdresser advises.

Moisture can ruin hair volume.

Wash some dity parts of your hair

If your bangs look frizzy or greasy after styling, you can fix it by washing the front of your hair over the sink and blow-drying it, Richard says.

Style your hair with a hair dryer

"Use a blow dryer on dry hair with rollers to create luscious curls. While drying, apply hairspray to the roots to maintain volume. And, if you have time when you take out the curlers, wrap the strands around your finger, hold them for a while, and let them cool," the hairdresser shares his secret to restoring volume.

Style your hair with a hair dryer.

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