Summer Solstice: rituals to attract good luck on a magical day

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One of the main magical artifacts of the solstice is a wreath. Source: Created with the help of AI

On Thursday, June 20 this year, one of the main astronomical events takes place - the summer solstice. This is the day when the sun rises highest above the horizon and daylight hours are the longest. In all cultures, it is considered a magical date and an important holiday.

During the solstice, it is believed that it is possible to attract good luck, love, wealth, health and other benefits into your life. OBOZ.UA tells how it was done in Ukraine and other countries. And what is customary to do now.

How the solstice is celebrated

The main symbol of the holiday in almost all cultures is a bonfire. Fire symbolizes the life-giving power of the sun and light. It is an element of the solar cult, which honors four main events: the two solstices - summer and winter, and the two equinoxes - spring and autumn.

On the longest day of the year, the peoples of the world celebrate some important holiday. For the Slavs, it was the Kupala holiday. It is the day when you can find a fern flower and thanks to it you can get extraordinary abilities - to see treasures in the ground, understand the language of animals, etc. It was also the day when young people looked for a mate. It was believed that if the relationship worked out, it would be happy and full of love, and the children born in this relationship would be healthy.

After the advent of Christianity, Kupala merged in the popular consciousness with the church Christmas of John the Baptist. It still has the hybrid name of Ivan Kupala. Night has a special power during the celebration. No one should sleep at this time, but it is important to have fun and thank nature for its gifts.

Magical rituals on the day of the solstice

One of the main rituals for our ancestors on this day was making a wreath. Flexible young tree branches, herbs, and flowers were woven into it. Together, they were supposed to give a person the power of nature, attract good luck and love.

The girls would tell fortunes on the wreaths and let them float on the water. The one whose wreath drowned or got stuck would have to be a virgin for another year. The boys stood downstream and caught the wreaths. Whichever one they pulled out was to become their mate for at least a holiday. Couples in love would try to leave each other some kind of sign, which one of the wreaths the boy should catch in order to be with his beloved.

Another important ritual was jumping over the Kupala fire. It was believed that anyone who jumped over it would be cleansed of sins and healed. People could jump in pairs. It was important not to break hands. This was to ensure a strong relationship between the couple.

It was also believed that on Kupala night, the night of the solstice, one should gather healing herbs. The longest day of the year was supposed to give them special powers. They were dried into decoctions and made into tinctures, which were then taken to cure ailments.

Modern esotericism, of course, has also developed its own rituals on the solstice. Here are some of them.

Charging amulets with sunlight. You need to take an object that can serve as a talisman. Most often it is some kind of stone or crystal. You can take several objects. They are laid out on the sun so that they absorb as much solar energy as possible. At the same time, you can make a cherished wish. It is believed that such an amulet will charge its owner with positive energy throughout the year, protect him or her from trouble and help in the realization of the wish.

The ritual of visualizing a wish. At the moment of sunset, when the light from the sun becomes pleasing to the eyes, you need to look at the luminary and visualize your wish. You can ask the sun out loud to give you what you want. The main condition is that it should be positive, bring happiness, joy and prosperity.

Lighting candles. If you are unable to burn a fire all night, you can replace it with candles. Light one or more, meditate on the fire, think about good things and make a wish. You can write it down on a piece of paper and burn it on the flame of a candle. Do not forget to follow the fire safety rules!

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