Six signs that your smartphone has been hacked: check your iPhone or Android immediately

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Attackers may have access to your personal data

In today's world, cybercrime is becoming particularly dangerous. Fraudsters can use your private information for criminal purposes by reading data from your smartphone.

There are several ominous signs that your Android or iPhone has been hacked and you have been spied on for a long time. The details were revealed by The Sun.

Cybersecurity experts told you what you should pay attention to when using a gadget. Hacking a smartphone with malware is much easier than you think. Experienced cybercriminals can turn you into a victim in seconds - and it only takes a minor mistake on your part.

Expert Tim Tran from Keeper Security emphasized that you can accidentally install spyware on your phone while browsing the web without even realizing the danger.

"Android phones are known to be more susceptible to spyware than iPhones," the expert added.

Six signs that your smartphone has been hacked: check your iPhone or Android immediately

The presence of spyware may be indicated by the camera and microphone accidentally turning on or by unfamiliar apps and files on your phone.

Spyware can target your phone's sensors, such as the camera or microphone, and record key data, such as the taps and keystrokes you make or the location of the device.

In addition, some spyware can steal files, including private photos and videos.

According to Keeper Security, there are six signs to look out for:

  1. A strange sound during phone calls, which can be a dial tone, distant voices, and noise. "Sometimes these problems can be explained by a bad signal, but they can also be a sign of spyware," Tran explained. The explanation is simple: spyware will try to intercept phone calls to listen to your conversations and record them.
  2. A sudden decrease in phone performance, such as rapid battery drain. These are signs that the spyware is potentially running in the background, creating an additional load.
  3. Beware of accidentally turning on the microphone or camera. The latest versions of Android and iOS for iPhone have indicators at the top of the screen when one of the sensors is active.
  4. If you notice unfamiliar apps or files on your phone, this can be a major sign that your device has been jailbroken.
  5. Lots of error messages, ads, fraudulent texts, etc. Adware will send messages trying to trick you into providing personal information.
  6. The smartphone is constantly overheating. This is similar to a warning sign of a performance problem: spyware will use phone resources and may cause overheating due to running in the background.

If you're worried you've been hacked, uninstall all unfamiliar apps and files, restart your phone, and install the latest software updates. You can also disable access to the camera and microphone for any application in the settings.

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