Russia's strikes on Ukraine's energy sector will be ineffective: Ukrenergo announces "plan"

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Russia's strikes on Ukraine's energy sector will become ineffective
Russia's strikes on Ukraine's energy sector will become ineffective. Source: Telegram by Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine can reduce the effectiveness of Russian strikes on the power system, in particular through decentralized generation. As explained by Ukrenergo, this principle means that instead of several large power facilities, many smaller ones are put into operation, which makes it possible to minimize the consequences of the possible destruction of any of them, as the damage will be relatively minor.

Maria Tsaturyan, Communications Director of NPC Ukrenergo, told OBOZ.UA about this. She emphasized that it is now very important to create conditions for attracting both Ukrainian and foreign investors to create decentralized generation.

"This is a priority task that can be solved within a few years. According to estimates, in two or three years it is already possible to increase the amount of this distributed generation and build these facilities," said Tsaturyan.

She emphasized that, first of all, it is necessary to change certain regulations in the Ukrainian wholesale electricity market "to make our energy sector more attractive to private investors." According to her, the investor himself, after building a distributed generation facility, "will become a player in two large segments of the Ukrainian electricity market" if given the opportunity to:

  • sell balancing energy;
  • receive payment for reserves.

The importance of decentralized generation for Ukraine

According to Tsaturyan, the creation of such a system will provide the Ukrainian energy system with greater resilience. After all, "if one of these facilities is damaged, the others could operate and provide power to the population, critical infrastructure, and industry."

"It is necessary to reformat the work of the power system architecture so that instead of, say, 20 large powerful facilities, which are a tasty prize for our enemy - because when such a large facility is hit, a fairly significant amount of capacity disappears from the power system at once - ... there are 100-200 small ones that will be dispersed throughout Ukraine. And they are especially concentrated around, for example, industrial regions or large cities such as Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa," she summarized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Tsaturyan also admitted that Ukrainians will have a difficult summer and winter after a series of massive Russian attacks on the energy sector. Power engineers have already begun preparations for the 2024-2025 heating season, but the power system still has to withstand the summer heat before the cold weather begins. During this period, there may be a shortage of electricity, which means that, as a last resort, consumers may be disconnected from the grid on schedule.

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