Russian bomber again drops FAB-500 bomb on Belgorod region

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The aircraft bomb
An aircraft bomb. Illustrative photo. Source: Press service of the State Emergency Service

In the Belgorod region, an aircraft of the aggressor country Russia has again dropped a high-explosive aircraft bomb on the territory of its own country. The FAB-500 was found on April 21 near the Stadnikov village of the Shebekinsky urban district.

This was reported by the ASTRA Telegram channel. The explosion of the bomb by demining specialists was scheduled for April 22.

The ASTRA project previously knew about at least 21 Russian aircraft bombs that fell in the Russian Federation or in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine in March and April 2024 alone, without reaching their targets.

The authorities of the aggressor country are silencing such facts. If the incident cannot be concealed, it is called an "abnormal munitions fall". No one talks about why this is happening.

"It is impossible to confirm whether such incidents occur because of poor procedures in arming the aircraft before departure or incorrect actions of the crew during missions. It is probably a combination of both. The increase in the frequency of such incidents probably demonstrates the fatigue of air and ground personnel on the front line in Russia, and also indicates insufficient training," the British Ministry of Defense had previously suggested.

Stadnikov farm

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, in early April, a Russian plane "lost" another FAB-1500. An enemy bomb fell on a store in the temporarily occupied Yenakiyevo, Donetsk region. It did not explode, so numerous casualties were avoided.

Only verified information is available on OBOZ.UA Telegram channel and Viber. Do not fall for fakes!

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