On June 5, the premiere of documentary film "Legions of Light" about volunteers of the International Legion of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine will be held

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TV premiere of the film "Legions of Light" will be held on ICTV2 on June 5 at 21:50

On June 5, ICTV2 TV channel will broadcast a TV premiere of the documentary film "Legions of Light" from the series "Military Intelligence of Ukraine". These are heroic stories about brave people from all over the world who, after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, are fighting for freedom together with Ukrainians. Who are these brave people? How are they enlisted? What combat operations do they participate in? What motivates them to fight with us against the Russian aggressor? The answers are in the new film, which will be released on June 5 at 21:50.

Since its inception, ICTV2 has been broadcasting documentaries about the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war, both those produced by the channel and those by other filmmakers. They have become an important part of the channel's programming. The film Legions of Light will continue the channel's tradition of showing documentaries and tell the story of foreigners fighting against the Russian invasion.

"The documentary Legions of Light is dedicated to foreign citizens who are fighting in the ranks of the International Legion of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine as part of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine. Director Anton Hoyda, producer and cameraman Serhii Lukianets and I started working on it in the fall of 2022 together with the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

"Legions of Light" is a collective image of all foreign volunteers from more than 55 countries who, at their own risk, legally as servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are fighting not only for our freedom, but also for the freedom of Europe and the whole world against Russian tyranny.

The film will be especially relevant now that mobilization has been intensified in Ukraine and the participation of foreign military formations of allied countries in the defense of our country is being discussed at the highest international level," says Artem Shevchenko, author of the series "Military Intelligence of Ukraine", a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker.

The plot of the film Legions of Light focuses on the stories of foreign legionnaires, defenders from the UK, Norway, South Korea, Canada, the USA, Georgia, Poland, Germany and Russia, who voluntarily fight side by side with Ukrainians against Russian occupiers in the most difficult parts of the frontline, often doing impossible things.

On June 5, the premiere of documentary film ''Legions of Light'' about volunteers of the International Legion of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine will be held

In addition to the foreign soldiers themselves, the Chief of Military Intelligence, Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov, and the Chief of Staff of the International Legion of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, with the call sign "Chief", talk about their participation in resisting aggression. What exactly made the legionnaires come to Ukraine, risking their lives every day? What is their motivation? What kind of operations do they take part in? All of this and much more is in the new documentary Legions of Light.

The new film, as well as the five previous ones ("Air Breakthrough to Azovstal. The Sky", "The Battle for Zmeinyi Island. Sea", "Kharkiv Counteroffensive. Land", "Downed Russian pilots" and "War for the Sea: from Dnipro to Crimea"), on the example of several combat operations, the specifics and peculiarities of combat operations by Ukrainian reconnaissance men at sea, in the sky and on land are highlighted.

The TV premiere of the documentary "Legions of Light" will take place on ICTV2 channel on Wednesday, June 5 at 21:50.

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