It is not too late: what you can plant in the garden in July

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Leafy vegetables and herbs can be sown almost all season long. Source: Created with the help of AI

We associate mid-summer with the beginning of the harvest season as young carrots and potatoes, garlic and onions ripen in July. However, you can sow some other plants that will still have time to ripen for the rest of the season.

OBOZ.UA asked what exactly gardeners advise to sow in July. Here are some of the crops they recommended.


This fragrant herb can be sown every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer. The main trick is to soak the seeds beforehand. Sow the dill in a well-lit area and make sure the soil is properly fertilized. Humus and nitroammophoska are best for the plant. Thin the seedlings in time. Fortunately, even very young dill is good for eating.


This leafy vegetable ripens in a record 2 weeks. But it will only be greens. If you want to get an adult product, you will have to wait a month. After seedlings have appeared, be sure to thin the crop. And do not forget to water the vegetable properly because it grows well only in moist soil.


It takes less than a month to get a young harvest of this green. Soak the spinach seeds for a few hours and sow them in the open ground in rows. In a week, the plant will sprout. You can harvest it in another two weeks.


Enrich a piece of land with a complex fertilizer, sow the seeds and spill them well. Make sure that the soil does not dry out deeply. And in 5-6 days, you will see the first shoots. Arugula is suitable for eating even in the form of microgreens, but you can give it a few weeks to grow.


All this vegetable needs for successful growth is a sufficient amount of nitrogen in the soil. Therefore, apply nitrogen fertilizer to the necessary area and sow radishes. You can sow them every two weeks almost throughout the summer. It takes 3-4 weeks for the fruit to form. However, make sure that the radish does not suffer from drought. Only in this case will the vegetable be juicy and not bitter.

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