In search of romance: best European destinations for lovers

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Where to relax with your soul mate

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Thus, it's time to think about a weekend getaway, especially if you want to surprise your significant other. Here's a selection of famous tourist destinations you can go to on February 14.


How can you do without the most romantic capital? Of course, you can't. However, let's leave aside the platitudes. This time, we advise you to go a completely different way. Of course, the popular attractions should not be avoided. There is no substitute for the Eiffel Tower or dinner overlooking the city at night. Still, you don't have to limit yourself to these locations.

Besides, you should visit this attraction only in the evening. There is nothing to do here during the day. You'll just see an ordinary tower with a metal fence. That's all. Thus, it's better to spend this time on other activities. For example, visit a few restaurants.

Parisian pastry shops are a whole other topic. You can visit any of them, but if you want to visit a special place, then go to Laduree. The coffee shop is located on Bonaparte Street and is famous for its lavender macarons.

In winter, Paris offers a lot of entertainment for lovers. One of them is a cruise on the Seine River. Undoubtedly, such a mini-trip on a ship will be remembered for a long time. Just imagine: you're sitting at a table and savoring delicious food. You are served by an attentive waiter who fills your glasses with champagne on time. You are looking at the sights of Paris, illuminated by thousands of colorful lights. The picture is complemented by the soft lapping of the waves and the sound of calm music.

For those who like spicy dates, we recommend visiting the local "red light district" and the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.

In search of romance: best European destinations for lovers


The atmosphere of this city inspires romance even on an ordinary day. What can we say about February 14? Perhaps that's why newlyweds head here on their honeymoon. Indeed, it doesn't matter if it's a fierce winter, warm spring, hot summer or colorful fall as it's always fabulous here.

It seems that every Venetian neighborhood, street and house radiates tender feelings. You can just come here and wander around the neighborhood. You will have enough memories for half a lifetime. If you want to visit the best places in this region, take a pen and paper and write down the famous tourist attractions.

Of course, your first location should be the Grand Canal. It is simply impossible to visit Venice and not see it. You can walk across and admire the nearby sights: Ca d'Oro and Barbarigo. However, it's still better to book a guided tour and take a ride on the river tram.

The following places are definitely not to be missed: Piazza San Marco and Cathedral, San Pantalon Church, Galleria dell'Accademia, Doge's Palace, Burano Island Quarter, and the Bridge of Sighs.

In search of romance: best European destinations for lovers


The capital of Hungary has been officially recognized as the most romantic city in Eastern Europe. It has won the hearts of tourists with its beautiful bridges, ancient architecture, and cozy streets.

It is beautiful both day and night. Various surprises await travelers at every step. You walk along the alley and see a museum around the corner. Turn the other way, and there is a charming cathedral. And if you're tired and want a tasty snack, you can safely head to the nearest cafe. Here, by the way, it can be difficult. There are so many restaurants, and you have to choose just one.

Romance smells special in this city. Nowhere else can you smell such a wonderful aroma because only here do bitter notes of coffee, burning Hungarian spices, and the aroma of sweet desserts hover in the air and harmoniously combine with each other.

On Valentine's Day, we recommend going to the Parliament building. The building is located on the banks of the Danube, so it looks fantastic. Go to the Buda Fortress, which is also located near the water. Walk across the Chain Bridge and take a ride on the tram number 2. Its route passes through places where architectural masterpieces are located. And if you want to improve your health, visit the famous balneological resorts: Szechenyi, Gellert, and Palatinus baths.

In search of romance: best European destinations for lovers


When you get to the Czech capital, it seems that it was built only for lovers. There are a lot of narrow streets here. No other city can boast so many narrow paths.

We advise you to wander for hours between the old buildings and enjoy their beauty. Afterwards, you can stop by a restaurant for a while, taste some traditional Czech dishes, and continue your journey again.

But if you're here, don't miss the sights. The more memories, the better. Thus, be sure to visit the Old Town. And then you have your choice: you can walk through the Jewish quarter, visit the dancing house, stroll across the Charles Bridge, or check out the spicy sex machine museum.

In search of romance: best European destinations for lovers

These four European cities are steeped in romance. Choose your favorite and go on a trip.

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