How to motivate yourself for a big cleaning: 10 foolproof methods

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Probably everyone likes their home to be clean and tidy. However, everyone puts off cleaning from time to time because it can be a tedious and exhausting task.

Lack of motivation can be caused by many reasons that make you think that cleaning is a complicated process. That's why Apartment Therapy has shared the best methods to help you find the strength.

Set a timer

Set a timer, for example, for 5 minutes, and try to do as many things as possible during this time. You'll be surprised how little time it takes to get things superficially in order. Besides, getting started is the hardest part. Therefore, if you are sure that you will only need to concentrate for 5 minutes, it will be much easier to get started.

Invite friends over

Invite friends or family members over for dinner. This can be a great motivation for cleaning because no one wants to have guests over in a mess.

Put on some music

Music lifts your mood, so if you hear it, it will be much easier to start putting things back in their places while dancing.

Use a reward system

Think of a reward for yourself for the work you've done. For example, you can decide that as soon as you finish cleaning, you will go for ice cream. Or after you clean the entire bathroom, you can take a relaxing bath.

Imagine a clean space

Imagine how amazing your space will look when it is clean and organized. Visualize how you will feel in a neat home.

Find your "why"

Think about why you want your home to be clean. Find any reasons and focus on them, not on the fact that you have to make a lot of effort.

Make cleaning a habit

If you already have daily rituals and habits, add a little cleaning to them. For example, while your morning coffee is brewing, do a little tidying up in the kitchen. If it becomes a habit, it won't cause you to feel stressed.

Start small

Don't think that you need to clean the whole house, because the scale of the work will be intimidating and demotivating. Focus on one room at a time and, for example, that you only need to put things in their places, and then you only need to dust them, etc.

Praise yourself

When you get at least some result, stop, think about what you have achieved, and be sure to praise yourself for it. Any result is better than nothing, so stop being self-critical and recognize that you have achieved some success.

Find other methods

If none of the above methods helped you, because you just absolutely do not like cleaning, then perhaps you should not force yourself. If cleaning with your own hands doesn't bring you a sense of satisfaction, then it's not worth the effort. Try to discuss this with your roommates and divide up the responsibilities. For example, you cook and they clean the kitchen.

If you live alone, you can simply order the services of a cleaning company once or twice a week.

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