How to make your machine wash clothes better: the capsule trick

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Detergent capsules can dissolve poorly and leave stains, but it's not that hard to avoid. Source: Freepik

Detergent capsules have earned the reputation of being a rather controversial product. There are a lot of additional problems with using them, even though they are hailed as a great and effective product by laundry experts.

The whole point may be that you are using them incorrectly. OBOZ.UA tells you what can go wrong when using capsules and how to prevent it.

What are laundry detergent capsules?

The simplest capsule looks like a shell made of water-soluble polymer filled with laundry detergent gel. Once in the drum of the machine, this shell breaks down even under the influence of cold water and releases the soap product.

However, most capsules contain not one, but two components at once. Thanks to their durable shell, they can contain not only a laundry gel but also a fabric softener, which will enhance each other's effect. There are also capsules with three or even four components, in which a stain remover and a fragrance or fabric protector are added to the usual set.

What can go wrong with capsules

If you use this product incorrectly, the capsule shell may not dissolve completely. You may find residue on your laundry, on the walls of the drum, or in the rubber door seal. This sticky residue is easy enough to clean, but it's a big drag on your mood and adds extra work.

In addition, if the capsule has not completely dissolved, there is a higher chance that the detergent has not been released properly. In this case, it can leave stains on your clothes.

How to avoid problems with capsules

First of all, read the instructions for your detergent carefully. You may be putting the capsule in the drum incorrectly. It should be placed at the bottom of the machine with a vertical load and near the back of the device with a horizontal load. Also, check the information on the temperature at which the capsule shell dissolves.

You can also help it dissolve better by placing the detergent in a mesh laundry bag or simply in a sock. In this case, the capsule will rub against the material while the drum is spinning and dissolve faster. But it's better to use a steamed sock or an unwanted stocking. Tie the capsule inside into a knot and fasten the mesh bag. Then place them according to the instructions.

You can also dip the capsule in warm water before putting it in the machine. This will also speed up the dissolution of its shell during washing.

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