How to make natural shower cleanser: instructions

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Bathroom needs thorough cleaning as a damp and dark room is an ideal breeding ground for fungal spores. Mold is not just an aesthetic defect. It can cause a number of health problems: from allergic reactions to respiratory diseases.

In addition, limescale often accumulates on plumbing fixtures, which is difficult to remove with improvised means. A recipe for natural shower cleaner is reported by House Digest.

An effective remedy

Although vinegar is a versatile cleaning product, it is not always the best option for cleaning the shower. The pungent odor doesn't last long in a bathroom where air circulation is always limited, and the abrasive mixture combined with baking soda can damage surfaces.

Fortunately, a great all-natural shower cleaner doesn't require vinegar at all. A simple mixture of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and dishwashing detergent works well to keep things clean.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Combine half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of alcohol, and one tablespoon of liquid soap.
  2. Pour the resulting liquid into a spray bottle and fill it with water to the top.
  3. For better cleansing and disinfection, you can add a few drops of lemon, lavender and/or eucalyptus essential oils.

How to use the product

Shake the mixture in the bottle thoroughly and then apply the solution to the dirty areas. Unlike other cleaners, you won't need to rinse or wipe off the liquid after application. Just let it dry and do its job of cleaning the shower surface.

The product is safe for most shower surfaces. It is ideal for materials such as vinyl, glass, ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic.

However, you should avoid using it on various types of natural stone tiles, such as marble and granite.

Store the solution in a dark container at cool temperatures away from light.

If you want to try a gentler option, try tea tree oil. It is an effective and non-toxic method that will remove even deep mold.

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