How to make expressive cheekbones with makeup: life hack

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With the help of contouring, you can create expressive accents and hide certain imperfections. Although 90s-style natural, glowing makeup is in trend now, simple techniques will come in handy to emphasize cheekbones and create a striking look.

Contouring is the secret of successful makeup for many celebrities. Experts told us how to make expressive cheekbones using simple and affordable tools.

Why do you need contouring

Contouring is a makeup technique that can dramatically change the appearance: remove the second chin, reduce the roundness of the cheeks, change the shape of the nose, visually reduce the face a little, etc.

However, often in the pursuit of fashion trends, individuality is lost. Makeup should emphasize your natural beauty, not bring it to the canons of modern fashion.

Makeup application technique

A popular mistake is to draw a thick, dark line under the cheekbone and try to blend it out. This will give you an artificial puppet look. And even if you manage to shade the line carefully, there is a risk that you will not highlight the cheekbones correctly and simply divide the face into two zones – upper and lower.

There is a two-finger method – make the so-called "peace" sign with your left fingers and put them to your right temple.

How to make expressive cheekbones with makeup: life hack

The index finger should touch the tip of the eyebrow, and the middle finger should touch the hair near the ear. And the cheekbone should be between your fingers.

Next, you should take a contour pencil and draw a line along the middle finger. Then draw another line, moving along the index finger.

The result should be a conditional triangle, which should be carefully shaded with a small brush, and with a large one, as if pulling up.

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