How to look younger: universal makeup rules

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How to look younger with simple beauty rules. Source: freepik.com

Not only does a person's outlook, experience, and appearance change over time but also their approach to makeup. Age-related transformations are forcing women around the world to improve and modernize their beauty habits.

The cosmetics and methods of applying them that are suitable for young people are no longer suitable for adults. That's why She Finds has shared a few universal makeup tricks that will help many women over 40 feel confident.

Choose a creamy foundation instead of matte formulas

Matte foundations may have looked amazing when you were in your 20s, but as your skin becomes more textured and fine lines and wrinkles appear, it's better to go for creamy textures that provide more moisture.

Use color correctors

If your concealer doesn't cover age spots, bruises under the eyes, or other skin imperfections, you should use a color corrector.

Green concealer can neutralize redness, peach and orange concealers can deal with purple and blue circles under the eyes, and purple concealers are great for making pale skin look better.

How to look younger: universal makeup rules


Primer is an indispensable cosmetic product, especially for mature skin. It will help your makeup last much longer, as well as make it more pigmented and saturated.

If you buy a primer with hyaluronic acid, it will also provide additional moisturizing.

Replace black eyeliner with gray or brown

Black eyeliner can look too harsh on mature eyes. Therefore, if you want to look fresher, you should replace it with gray or brown.

Take care of your eyebrows

Eyebrows have an incredibly powerful effect on the appearance of any face, but they become thinner with age. Therefore, to make your face look fresher and younger, you need to draw and emphasize the outer corners of your eyebrows.

Fix your makeup with a setting spray

If you used to use powder to set your makeup, then after the age of 40, it is better to replace it with a setting spray. It does not dry the skin and will not emphasize pores or wrinkles.

Apply blush higher

If you're used to applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, then start doing it a little higher. This will instantly lift your face up.

How to look younger: universal makeup rules

Moisturizing before makeup

Good makeup always starts with skin care. If you apply foundation to dry and unhydrated skin, you won't cover up minor imperfections but rather draw attention to its texture.

Don't be afraid of shine

Healthy skin should be sufficiently moisturized and glowing, so don't try to remove all the shine from it.

Apply eyeliner between the lashes

If you have hooded eyelids, it will be very difficult to apply eyeliner without making your eyes look smaller. Therefore, instead of drawing arrows or doing smoky eye makeup, apply the product in a thin line directly above the lash line and blend it with a thin brush so that the color seeps through the hairs. This will visually make the eyelashes thicker but will not hide the eyelid.

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